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SJ/TEEN21 FRANCIA ThefarmofFai3kmfromthevillageofSaix05400... RENO 10/07/2023 24/07/2023

Keeping Faï warm 1 | SJ/TEEN21 | 2023-07-10 - 2023-07-24 | RENO | Age: 15 - 17

Participating in the ecological insulation of a stone house in the heart of an idyllic mountain landscape. Does it interest you? Join us and come discover the former Ferme du Faï and its natural setting at an altitude of about 1000 meters! The association Les Villages des Jeunes has managed, organized, and renovated Faï’s welcome center since 1990, in partnership with the SIVU of Haute-Maraize. The Ferme du Faï is a former agricultural area where the buildings were converted into studios and group accommodations. From April to December, the association organises a back-to-work project there for residents and welcomes, in the form of internships, young people facing hardships. In the summer, the Faï is also a place of residence for professional artists that come to take advantage of the amazing location to create collectively and contribute to festivals like La Montagne qui Chante...The workcamps that we organize at Faï contribute to making this a place of innovation and freedom where working and living together is possible for young people and adults, people from all countries and all cultures, employees, volunteers, artists, tourists etc., whether that be for a few days or several months.

Work: After the insulation of the "Auberg in" building, the insulation work is taking place on a building called "The Farm". This building hosts the long-term volunteers but also the offices and housing of the permanent employees. For the comfort of the people and for ecological reasons, we want to improve the insulation of this stone house. With the help of the technical supervisor, we will work with eco-construction techniques and materials (such as hemp and lime, wood). We will build a wooden frame on the outside of the house. This framework will be used to contain the insulation, made of a mortar of lime and hemp straw. At certain times, we will work at height, with a scaffolding. The time spent on the site is approximately 30 hours per week.

Accomodation and food: You will be accommodated on the Faï farm site on the campgrounds of the Ferme du Faï in individual tents and will provide you a mattress as well. The campgrounds have access to showers, restrooms, and the kitchen. There’s no WIFI, but you’ll be able to meet people from all over the world! You will cook in turn, so that you will be able to taste a number of different specialties! Here, we pay attention to what we eat and aim to reduce our environmental impact, we try to eat a maximum of local products and limit eating meat to twice a week. The daily life is organized together: organization of the menus (vegetarian, vegan and other specific diets possible), shopping, activities, etc. Bring a mattress, a good sleeping bag (the nights can be cold) and a pillow. To be adapted to your needs.

Location: ThefarmofFai3kmfromthevillageofSaix05400

Location and Leisure: The farm of Faï, 3km from the village of Saix (05400), is 15km away from the main city of Veynes. Leisure activities: We will be in an exceptional location to discover the joys of hiking among the mountains, its rivers, its lakes, the farmers markets, and festive events organized in the surrounding villages (depending on programming). As a group, we will decide the activities and outings that we want to set up (subject to distance). Once a week, the welcome center generally organizes a musical evening with homemade woodfired pizzas.

Airport: MRS

Train/Bus station: Veynes Dévouly station (05400)

Accessible via the stations of Valence TGV, Grenoble, Marseille Saint-Charles. The meeting times at the Veynes train station will be communicated to you on the infosheet (no schedule available at this time).

Language: eng

Extra Fee: 200 EUR