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WECO2023-3 COLOMBIA nearBogotaColombia... CONS,ENVI,MANU 08/08/2023 26/08/2023

Bioconstruction and conservation in a national park | WECO2023-3 | 2023-08-08 - 2023-08-26 | CONS,ENVI,MANU | Age: 18 - 65

This project will be carried out in cooperation with a natural park, located near Bogotá, between 2.100m and 2.600m above sea level.

Work: The workcamp will take place in a natural reserve of the civil society that takes care of the Andean cloud forest ecosystem and protects its flora and fauna. One of the projects being developed within the reserve is the local alternative school and learning community, a space for education and self-learning open to children, youth and families who want to share enriching experiences and knowledge. This project aims to build a cabin that will function as a work space where children can follow, in a free and self-directed way, their interests, their creativity and projects. In addition, it will work as an environmental classroom and meeting spot for environmental education and science. To achieve this goal we will carry out activities such as: 1. Elaboration of the basic infrastructure 2. Collection of local materials (such as clay, arboloco, chusque, stones.....) 3. Construction of the cabin with bio-construction methods 4. Maintenance work 5. Cultural exchange between volunteers, locals and members of the park and community 6. Other conservation tasks (maintenance of trails, cleaning the pond, working on the signposts) 7. Work and exchange with the children and families of the local learning community

Accomodation and food: The volunteers will stay in shared rooms at the hostel “El Refugio” in the park. Please bring a sleeping bag. There is a laundry to wash your clothes. Volunteers will have food available and an outdoor kitchen (with roof) to plan and prepare their meals. This is a perfect space to share recipes and have a culinary cultural exchange. Vegetarian food is available.

Location: nearBogotaColombia

Location and Leisure: The Nature Park is an Andean cloud forest, in the middle of the mountains; therefore it can be cold and rainy, depending on the season of the year. The park is located close to Bogotá (40 min approx.) where you can find many places to enjoy the Colombian culture. In case you do not want to leave the park, we have some activities that you can do in your free time such as: 1. Night walks and wildlife watching (there is a guided tour on weekends) 2. Trekking inside and outside the park (e.g. visiting other village on trails) 3. Extreme sport and wellness activities: zip line, tree climbing, music therapy (must be agreed in advance with the areas, the park does not cover the cost of this activity) 4. Horseback riding (must be agreed in advance with the areas, the park does not cover the cost of this activity) 5. Bonfires 6. Birdwatching

Airport: BOG

Train/Bus station: Terminal de Transporte del Sur, Bogotá

Requirements: - Good health and physical condition, willing to hike the mountain on steep slopes, and understand the implications of working outdoors. - Have a real interest in volunteering and not consider it just as a way of doing economic tourism. - Tetanus Vaccine (highly recommended) - All participants must have medical assistance insurance, which covers, among others, situations related to COVID-19. - The volunteer’s participation is confirmed after the extra fee is paid. The payment must be done at the latest 1 month prior to the project starting via bank transfer / Paypal. - Certificate of vaccination or Covid-test to enter the country is required. - Language: English (basic Spanish is a plus) - A negative Covid test is required to participate in the project. - Fill out the following form: https://forms.gle/ruCp9WtsJYA7qWuo6

In Bogotá. The exact meeting point will be given in the infosheet some weeks before your arrival.

Language: eng

Extra Fee: 280 EUR

The activities require constant contact with nature; This means that the volunteer will be finding himself/herself using physical strength and getting his/her hands dirty to get the job done. It is good to know and understand that you can encounter rain, sun, mud and insects. In addition, to carry out the activities it is necessary to walk the different trails, which have steep slopes. Therefore, volunteers should be in good health and willing to walk the different trails. The water heater depends on the availability of gas, which is brought down to the hostel from time to time. On some occasions, hot showers might not be available. But in general there is hot water available. “El Refugio” has limited Wi-Fi (because there is only satellite internet in this remote area). It may only be used for basic needs, such as communication (some calls, messages, mails) and information (research, press), but not for large downloads, videos, streaming (music or movies), video calls, etc. We receive volunteers with physical, intellectual and psychosocial disabilities under a case study since the natural conditions of the park and the terrain may represent a risk or difficulty for the volunteer.