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WECO2023-MTV5 COLOMBIA BuritacaColombia... EDU,ENVI,KIDS 01/04/2023 31/12/2023

Eco-Volunteer | WECO2023-MTV5 | 2023-04-01 - 2023-12-31 | EDU,ENVI,KIDS | Age: 18 - 99

This project will be carried out in cooperation with a non-profit organization that seeks to contribute to the social development, sport and educational growth of young people from Buritaca. An award winning hostel situated on the River Buritaca, 25 min walk from the Caribbean coast of Colombia. The hostel has a foundation that runs educational, sporting and environmental projects to positively impact their local community. Some of the activities carried out by the foundation and its volunteers: - Sports club - Community school - English lessons - Arts club - Environmental education - Recycling and waste management programme.

Work: The main goal of the foundation is to help provide free, fun, inclusive and impactful activities for every child in the local community and nearby villages. The volunteer will help to lead the foundation’s environmental education programme and to expand the number of activities and the impact of the programme. During the Eco-weeks, every day for a week, the foundation runs different activities with the local children: beach clean-up, making bags, talks about birds, recycling workshops, art sessions, etc. PLUS: The foundation is looking for someone to help and teach how best to organize recycling and waste infrastructure in the town to have the most impact. If the expertise is only in education, that s okay, too. This requires more than 2 weeks, details discussed during the interview. Before and after the Eco-weeks, the volunteer can help with different roles (teaching, sport activities, etc.) if help is needed. There are always other volunteers who help with the activities from the foundation and sometimes the hostel guests join, too. 5-6 hours of help a day, 5 days a week. Transport is covered by the Foundation.

Accomodation and food: The site is a stunning 2-hectare plot of land with a unique river beach and nature everywhere. You will enjoy daily visits from humming birds and howler monkeys. It is a well-known hostel with DJs, bar and a lot of young people so be prepared for loud music sometimes, but good vibes are guaranteed. The volunteer will stay in the hostel, in the volunteers’ dorm and will use shared bathrooms. The bed has a mosquito net. There is free laundry service for the volunteers. There is Wifi, but not brilliant. The volunteer will receive 3 served meals per day in the hostel. There are discounted drinks and free drinking water.

Location: BuritacaColombia

Location and Leisure: The foundation and hostel are surrounded by nature, a river and the ocean is pretty close, too. There also are a wide variety of activities available in and around the hostel: table tennis, pool, paddleboards, volleyball, football, tubing, kayak and loads of amazing beaches: Parque Tayrona, waterfalls, entrance to lost city, sunrise hike and much more. The closest big city is Santa Marta with a national airport, you can reach it from Bogota, the capital, within an hour flight or from Cartagena by bus 5-6 hours. From Santa Marta you can get to the hostel by bus in 1.5h. For more ideas and info: https://colombia.travel/en/santa-marta

Airport: SMR

Train/Bus station: Santa Marta Bus Terminal

Requirements: - Languages: fluent Spanish and intermediate English. - To enter the country either Certificate of vaccination or a Covid test is required. - The volunteer must have medical assistance insurance, which covers, among others, situations related to Covid-19. - The extra fee must be paid 1 month prior to the project starting via bank transfer or Paypal. - Experience of teaching children about environmental education. - Fill out the following form: https://forms.gle/ruCp9WtsJYA7qWuo6 - Interview with WeCollab and the local partner. - Experience of setting up a recycling and waste management infrastructure is a PLUS. - IMPORTANT: write in the application your preferred dates (from/ until when)

Santa Marta. The exact place and time will be in the infosheet

Language: esp

Extra Fee: 80 EUR

- Duration: 2 weeks (with the possibility to stay longer discussed during the interview) - The extra fee includes food, accommodation and local transportation during the project. - Participation of volunteers with disabilities: possible (discussed during the interview) - Health insurance and tickets are covered by the volunteer.