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ACICRC12-20 COSTA RICA SanPabloHerediaHerediaProvinceCostaRica... KIDS,SOCI,EDU 03/03/2023 31/10/2024

CECUDI | ACICRC12-20 | 2023-03-03 - 2024-10-31 | KIDS,SOCI,EDU | Age: 18 - 99

Vision: To be a Childcare and Development Center that has high-quality personnel and that, together with the family, maximizes the social, educational, and family skills of the children of the canton, so that they achieve personal development that turns them into citizens that are happy and have moral and spiritual values that promote social well-being. Mission: The Childcare and Development Center of San Pablo is an organization that provides comprehensive care and quality to children from 0 to 7 years old, coming from families in extreme poverty, poverty and the middle class of the canton of San Pablo de Heredia, based on the constructivist methodology and promoting equality between men and women, and values as a firm base in integral development. Values: Permanent search for excellence in service, internal transparency, and public opinion. The first years of a person s life have a significant impact on the formation of physical, cognitive, and psychosocial development capacities, which are primarily linked to access and availability of high-quality health and nutrition. For the municipality of San Pablo de Heredia, ensuring a healthy and integral development of the children of the canton translates into an investment with future social and economic returns, generating the development of the social capital of the canton.

Work: - To assist the staff with everyday tasks. - To play games with the children. - Informal or non-formal language workshops (music, videos, cartoons, children’s songs, puppets, etc.). - To help with the mealtimes (also assisting the cook and if they want, they can cook traditional food from their home country) - Maintenance and cleaning of the facilities. - Encourage the intercultural exchange between yourself and the children from the center. - Working in green areas and with organic compost. - Support in recycling of regular waste. - If you have artistic skills you can support in painting walls and creating murals.

Accomodation and food: (X) Hosting situation provided by Local Family. ( ) Hosting situation provided by the Project. The volunteer will be hosted in a family relatively close to the project. The majority of families are middle class. The volunteer will, in most cases, have his/her own room and a shared bathroom (with the family and sometimes with another volunteer). Meals will be provided by the host families (3 meals a day). The volunteer will bring the lunch with him/her to the project. All families are different, and you should be able to adapt to a certain degree to your host family.

Location: SanPabloHerediaHerediaProvinceCostaRica

Location and Leisure: The project is located in San Pablo de Heredia. San Pablo is a semi-urban town close to the cities of Heredia, Santo Domingo and San José. It has all the regular facilities from any city around. It is located in the Central Valley region of Costa Rica close to the Barba Volcano National Park and the Poas Volcano. There are soccer fields, a skating park, a basketball field, machines to exercise and a playground very close to the project. It is important to mention that you should not walk around at night, as it can be a little dangerous when it is dark. Furthermore, do not show your valuable items, such as phones, wallets (money), watches, etc. when you are in the street.

Airport: SJO

Train/Bus station: Volunteers will be picked up at the airport.

Requirements: - To enjoy working with children. - To be patient and tolerant. - Proactivity is essential (don’t wait for the supervisor to tell you everything, ask them how you can help, or if you know what you should do, do it! show initiative!). - To be sociable. - To be respectful towards the rules of the institution. - To have a basic Spanish level. - To be a good example for the children: appropriately dressed.

Volunteers will be picked up at the airport.

Language: esp

Extra Fee: 300 USD

CEUCDI is a permanent project, so they receive volunteers all year long. They have a capacity of around 1-2 volunteers per week and there are no limitations in the number of female or male volunteers, but yes, we recommend volunteers to be adults (+18).