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ACICRC08-20 COSTA RICA ElTigreParritaPuntarenasCostaRica... AGRI,ENVI,MANU 03/03/2023 31/10/2024

Finca Flor de Lis | ACICRC08-20 | 2023-03-03 - 2024-10-31 | AGRI,ENVI,MANU | Age: 18 - 99

Concerned about the current situation that the world is experiencing in the midst of a health pandemic and economic crisis, the idea arises of creating this farm, where the agricultural, fish, poultry, pig and bovine areas converge, with the aim of harvesting natural products, food, friendly to the environment and accessible, both to our family nucleus, as well as to the general population of the Parrita area and to provide food for people with disabilities at the Nueva Esperanzas Residence and El Fénix Residence. Also serve as a contribution to sources of employment or other exchange opportunities with nationals and foreigners who like to share their strength, knowledge or contributions that come to strengthen the development of the farm and care for the environment. The community of El Tigre is a small town of approximately 40 families dedicated to agriculture and commerce. It is safe and quiet; the people are very nice and with many years of coexistence. It is located three kilometers from the center of Parrita. Main Goals: • To be a leader in the production of organic food, oriented towards respect for nature. • We contribute to the production of food under conservation and sustainable management, in accordance with nature. • Agriculture, Aquaculture, Food Security. • Private Enterprise, Technology, Trade, Environmental Protection

Work: Volunteers will be working in: ● Agriculture: In this area, pitahaya, plantain, banana, ginger, turmeric, cocoa, corn, mango, guava, carambola, sour and sweet lemon, sour and sweet mandarin, sour and sweet orange, chinese and creole suckling fruit, soursop, sugar cane and oil palm are grown. In addition, spaces dedicated to the cultivation of grass of at least three varieties. The space dedicated to each product is 200 square meters, calculating an average of 20 plants per variety, except the pitahaya that could cover up to five thousand meters and the oil palm about four thousand five hundred meters. Tasks: Preparation of the land, gardening, general work in green areas, planting, compost, harvest, packing and sale ● Warehouse: These are spaces designed for the storage of grains, organic fertilizer for agriculture and the food of animals. Tasks: Construction, space management, accommodation, inventory: incoming and outgoing products ● Compost: Space dedicated to the decomposition of organic waste in which plant and animal waste is transformed into compost. Tasks: Construction, cleaning, product transportation, mixing, packaging, and distribution. Poultry: Area for raising and caring for birds, in addition to commercial exploitation. Chickens, hens, turkeys, ducks, quail can be encountered. It is also planned that more (diverse) types of birds will be purchased for the farm (i.e., Peacock). Tasks: Construction of living habitat, care, feeding, cleaning, waste collection, egg collection, sale of products and maintenance. ● Swine: Space for the production of pigs, where it involves aspects of nutrition, health, reproduction and genetics. Tasks: Construction of living habitat, taking care of the animals, cleaning, waste collection, feeding and maintenance. ● Fish farm: In Progress: This area is dedicated to breeding fish, which allows to control the reproduction of fish, through handmade ponds with access to water and with the corresponding technical conditions. Tasks: Pile construction, feeding, taking care of the fish, cleaning, harvesting, packaging, sale and maintenance ● Bovine: Space where livestock activity is developed for the production of milk and its derivatives. In addition to the rearing of fattening animals. Tasks: Construction of living habitat, pasture sowing, pasture harvesting, feeding, care and sale of by-products. ● To promote the farm, the aim is to create a web page that gives visibility to the projects and in this way the population participates and consumes the products that are organically prepared to improve their quality of life.

Accomodation and food: (x) Hosting situation provided by Local Family. ( ) Hosting situation provided by the Project. The house of the host family is in the center of El Tigre. They also have a lot of plants and fruits growing in their garden. It is a family house, where two persons live (Javier and his wife Emma). In the house you can find 4 rooms for the volunteers. It is a very open and welcoming house with plenty of ventilators to help against the very hot weather.

Location: ElTigreParritaPuntarenasCostaRica

Location and Leisure: Finca Flor de Lis is located 500m in the southeast of El Tigre. Surrounded by other (African Palm) Fincas. El Tigre is located very close to Parrita and about 30 minutes away from Quepos, those are the main towns in the region, which will have all kind of services needed, such as supermarkets, restaurants, cafeterias, hotels, hospitals, clinics, banks and ATMs. El Tigre is also located really close to one of the most famous National Parks in Costa Rica, which is called Manuel Antonio, one of the most beautiful places in the country.

Airport: SJO

Train/Bus station: Volunteers will be picked up at the airport.

Requirements: ● Has to be an organized, structured person. (Very important). ● Basic Level of Spanish and/or English ● To be respectful towards the internal rules of the project ● To love nature as the main goal of this project ● To be very flexible and to do different tasks during the day which may involve cooking and cleaning, as volunteers may also be responsible of taking care of the house/finca. ● Interest in environmental issues. ● The volunteer should enjoy working with people and foster good human relations. ● Proactivity is a must. ● Volunteer must be ready to work independently even when the person responsible (Don Javier) is not present. ● Honest, responsible, punctual, positive person. ● Leadership Skills. ● Good and respectful attitude. ● Open to flexibility of schedules. ● Willingness to learn.

Volunteers will be picked up at the airport.

Language: esp

Extra Fee: 300 USD

Finca Flor de Lis is a permanent project, so they receive volunteers all year long. They have a capacity of around 4 volunteers per week and there are no limitations in the number of female or male volunteers, but yes, we recommend volunteers to be adults (+18).