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VSA2402 TAILANDIA ... EDU,KIDS,LANG 05/02/2024 17/02/2024

Intercultural and Language (ICL)- Nakhon Ratchasima | VSA2402 | 2024-02-05 - 2024-02-17 | EDU,KIDS,LANG | Age: 18 - 65

Intercultural and Language (ICL) – Nakhon Ratchasima, learning and sharing the intercultural and language still are the main purpose. Volunteers will share and exchange culture, language, and knowledge with the local community and students in the school. English as the global language and intercultural learning are important for local Thai people to understand and be for global citizens. English is also the gateway to open mind and knowledge. The project was created by VSA Thailand and has been successful for eight years. Former volunteers came to give the opportunity for children in schools and the local community. Many local people improved their English skills through exchanging with international volunteers, or at least they try to speak the English language more and dare to face and work with the foreigner even though they cannot speak English. Moreover, volunteers’ activities impacted the local community. They used to stay lively and trusty with the foreigner. Local people have a chance to learn, accept, and adopt the ways of life with the different cultures. Ban Krogluek School is a primary school, there are about 10 teachers and 100 students from kindergarten (2-6 years old), pratomsuksa 1-6 (7-12 years old). VSA has sent volunteers to this School since 2015. Ban Maab Grad School is a primary school, there are about 9 teachers, 1 janitor and 60 students from kindergarten (2-6 years old), pratomsuksa 1-6 (7-12 years old). VSA has sent volunteers to this School since 2022.

Work: Volunteers will work as a teacher in the school, using English to communicate. Volunteers can teach the subject that requires the most skill or English for communication. Using Nonformal education tools for teaching. Teaching English mostly will be in the morning. School renovation – Volunteers will do the school renovation, wall painting or playground renovation, agriculture with teachers and students. Most of the renovation will be in the afternoon session

Accomodation and food: Stay with a local host family, share one big room. Take turn to cook. Internet is available at the school


Location and Leisure: Address: Ban Krok Luk school, Takhian, Dan Khun Thot, Nakhon Ratchasima Ban Maab Grad School, Phanchana, Dan Khun Thot, Nakhon Ratchasima Leisure activity Local temple

Airport: BKK

Train/Bus station: Dan Khun Tod Bus station

Language: eng

Extra Fee: 10500 THB