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ijgd 03212TEEN ALEMANIA SchwafordenLowerSaxonyBremen50km... ENVI,STUD 30/07/2023 13/08/2023

Nature Protection & Survival living and acting sustainably | ijgd 03212TEEN | 2023-07-30 - 2023-08-13 | ENVI,STUD | Age: 16 - 17

The ijgd has been organising volunteer service programmes since 1949. We are an independent, non-profit association for international youth work, a recognised independent youth welfare organisation, and one of the largest and oldest workcamp organisations in Germany. Each year, we assist around 5,000 young people into volunteer work in Germany and abroad. We give them the opportunity to be creative, act in solidarity, take responsibility for themselves, and discover their own true potential and strengths. Our principles: Ecological learning, voluntary contribution, self-organisation, social development, intercultural learning, gender equality, anti-racism/anti-discrimination and political education. Follow us on Instagram ijgd_workcamps Facebook @ijgd.workcamps Hahnhorst Forest Education Centre: The Forest Education Centre in Hahnhorst offers activities in the forest for young people, as well as a themed excursions and adventure trips for school classes.

Work: Your camp consists of two parts: Nature conservation and survival in Schwaförden and a youth exchange in Springe with the studio part "Sustainable living" with two other youth groups from England, Japan and Germany. All groups will prepare presentations for the exchange in the large group (about 50 participants). From 30/7 to 9/8 you will be out in nature, spend the evenings around the campfire, explore the forest with people from all over the world in adventure activities and do practical work in the forest together with the foresters. You will learn survival techniques in the forest, like making fire, recognizing and preparing edible plants, building shelters and sleeping places. This way you will be well prepared for the overnight stay in the forest from the 7th to the 8th of August. In the mornings (early rising) you will go to work, in the afternoons there will be survival workshops. During the work in the forest as well as in the afternoons or evenings, the foresters and the ijgd-leadership team will give information sessions on the two sustainability goals Sustainable Consumption and Production (No. 12) and Measures for Climate Protection (No. 13) of the United Nations. On Wednesday the 9th of August, you will be driven by bus from the Forest Education Center in Schwaförden to the youth campsite in Springe and become part of the international youth camp “You(th) for Future”. Together with about 50 participants from at least six different countries you will learn more about the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations, participate in theoretical or practical workshops on different sustainability topics, present your previous project with your group and learn what the other groups have done before. On the second last day you will have the opportunity to present your results from the workshops and your visions for the future. During the camp a film will be produced, which you can also look forward to on the second last day at the closing party!

Accomodation and food: From 30 July to 9 August you will stay in Schwafoerden in a conference centre with shared rooms and from 9 to 13 August in Springe in a school hostel in a large dormitory with 8 double bunk beds. In both places you will have sufficient showers (communal showers without partitions in the school hostel) and toilets, a kitchen for self-catering and a common room and dining room. Both houses also have a large outdoor area. Full catering. The group will take part in regular kitchen and cleaning duties. Vegetarian meals are possible. Please indicate any allergies when registering.

Location: SchwafordenLowerSaxonyBremen50km

Location and Leisure: In the first week you can spend the evenings on the large outdoor area of the forest education center and do sports together, play group games and sit around the campfire. You will spend the weekend with an excursion in Bremen on Saturday and with chilling and free time on Sunday. The forest overnight stay will take place on Monday the 7th of August, on Tuesday the 8th you will prepare your departure and are invited by the staff of the forestry office to a closing party. On Wednesday the 9th of August you will travel on to the International Youth Camp. There will be plenty of time for sports and outdoor activities, a night hike, a movie night and a big closing party.

Airport: BRE

Train/Bus station: Hamburg, Next train station: Bassum. We would like to invite you to travel as environmentally friendly as possible. If you have the option to go by train, bus or carsharing. That can be a great first step for you to become a climate steward.

Requirements: Good knowledge of English. Desire for outdoor activities and conservation work in the forest. Interest in the study part "Living and acting sustainably". Smoking and alcoholic drinks are not allowed in this project. Only for participants from Germany (2), Italy (4), France (4), Spain (4), Czech Republic (2) 550€ extra Fee. (German volunteers have to pay as well 550€ in total, but system can t show this for you here.)

At the station in Bassum. There will be a bus transfer for the group at 17:30. On the last day you can leave from 12pm. Directions to Meeting Point: via train from Bremen main station at 17:07.

Language: eng

Extra Fee: 550 EUR