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ijgd 03204 ALEMANIA Achim... ENVI,EDU,MANU 05/08/2023 19/08/2023

Active with hoe and spade in Achim s municipal forest | ijgd 03204 | 2023-08-05 - 2023-08-19 | ENVI,EDU,MANU | Age: 16 - 26

Achim Environment Department + ijgd The ijgd has been organising volunteer service programmes since 1949. We are an independent, non-profit association for international youth work, a recognised independent youth welfare organisation, and one of the largest and oldest workcamp organisations in Germany. Each year, we assist around 5,000 young people into volunteer work in Germany and abroad. We give them the opportunity to be creative, act in solidarity, take responsibility for themselves, and discover their own true potential and strengths. Our principles Ecological learning, voluntary contribution, self-organisation, social development, intercultural learning, gender equality, anti-racism/anti-discrimination and political education. Follow us on Instagram ijgd_workcamps Facebook @ijgd.workcamps

Work: The municipal forest in Achim is a popular recreational area, but also provides a habitat for protected animal and plant species. With your work, you support the employees of the environmental resort of the town. With hoe and spade, you help to remove fast-growing trees and bushes from the sandy grassland and thus contribute to the preservation of biodiversity and the native flora and fauna in this rare biotope. The vegetation along the banks of spawning grounds for protected amphibians also needs to be thinned out. Maintenance work on the nature discovery trail and in the dirt park, which is an attraction for young people, will also be part of your work.

Accomodation and food: You cook together. Money for the food shopping is provided to you. Vegetarian or vegan meals are possible. Please indicate any allergies when registering. You will be accommodated in the sports centre of TSV Uesen. There is a kitchen and two rooms for overnight stays and as a group room. You will sleep on air beds. Sanitary facilities in the sports centre. Outdoor area with seating. The accommodation is located in the immediate vicinity of your working site, the city forest.

Location: Achim

Location and Leisure: The town of Achim has 32,000 inhabitants. The scenic surroundings in the mid-Weser region invite you to go hiking and cycling. The staff of the environmental department organise a canoe tour for you! You can spend the afternoons in the open-air swimming pool. The cities of Bremen, Bremerhaven (with the Klimahaus), Hamburg and Hanover are easily accessible by train and can enrich your leisure programme. Achim: https://www.achim.de/portal/seiten/tourismus-902000120-20601.html Klimahaus Bremerhaven: https://www.klimahaus-bremerhaven.de/en.html?no_cache=1 Bremen: https://www.bremen.eu/ Hamburg: https://www.hamburg.com/ Hannover: https://www.hannover.de/en

Train/Bus station: Bremen or Hanover, nearest trainstation: Achim

Requirements: Fitness for physically demanding work. You need sturdy shoes, long trousers and long-sleeved work clothes. You must be able to ride a bike. Please note: International participants which apply under 18 for this camp have to pay an additional teenage fee of 150€

It takes about 20 minutes by bus and on foot to arrive at the accommodation from the train station "Achim Bahnhof Süd". Your destination is “Achim, Worpsweder Str. 200” Timetable and Information: https://www.vbn.de/en/fahrplaner

Language: eng

Extra Fee: 0