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CIMIT-MTV-03 CANADÁ Montréal LEAD 08/06/2023 07/07/2023

Co–leader Moisson Montréal 5-8


DATES: 08.06 - 07.07




Project: Camp leader (LEAD)

During the project the leaders will have the opportunity to be the link between the host organization Moisson Montreal and the CIMIT project coordinator, this relationship allows young people to develop their leadership skills in a multicultural environment by serving as a link between two varied cultural approaches to vision. Latin American and the Canadian-Quebecoise vision.

Establishing contact with volunteer coordinators of the host organizations, with local people allows co-leaders to improve their language skills in both English and French.

Knowing the various places of interest in the city of Montreal as well as their travel routes and schedules allow the participant to develop their ability to manage time and organize and define action plans in collaboration with the volunteers, the co-leader as well as the CIMIT project coordinator.

After a few days of training on-line and in Montréal, the co-leader will get the opportunity to lead workcamps (CIMIT-MTV-01, CIMIT-MTV-03 and CIMIT-MTV-05) in Montreal..

Work: Like workcamp co-leader the main tasks are:

●  To be responsible for the supervision and realisation of a volunteer wok project in collaboration with another leader ;

●  To assist a group of a twenty young volunteers coming from Mexico and help them complete their project ;

●  To establish a good relationship between the volunteers, the local host and the local community.

The main tasks are:  Reception of volunteers, encourage and motivate the participants, time management; Supervision of activities, make reports of the planned activities, take pictures during the workcamps, coordinate recreational activities.

The start date is a few days before the arrival date of all volunteers. It is necessary to attend the leadership training in Mexico and then the preparation days that will take place in Montreal.

This includes learning about the volunteer operation at Moisson Montreal, taking various tours of the city of Montreal in the company of CIMIT personnel, as well as establishing alternate action plans to prevent incidents. Coordinate the kitchen teams that will prepare food for the group of volunteers.

The volunteer will be co-leader on MOISSON MONTRÉAL workcamps until the end date.

Location: Moisson Montreal is located 30 minutes from the hostel by public transportation. All volunteers, as well as team leaders, must arrive together on time to start workcamp and integrate with local participants. Each volunteer has their own transport card.

Adresse: 6880 Chem. de la Côte de Liesse, Saint-Laurent, Montréal. Website: https://www.moissonmontreal.org/en/

Admissibility Criteria:

●  To be aged of 18 years old and older

●  To have previous volunteer experience, preferably an experience in a leadership position

●  Good knowledge of the English language (preferably bilingual English-French)


How to Apply: You have to send us a CV and a motivation letter, there will be a meeting by videoconference after applying so please check your inbox and spam folder frequently.

Accommodation: Leaders will stay at the youth hostel Auberge Saintlo Montreal in a double occupancy, all rooms are air-conditioned and have an private bathroom, bed sheets are provided and a continental breakfast is served every morning, hot shower and towels too. Each person has their own bed. Located in downtown, close to Montreal's Museum of Fine Arts, Ste-Catherine and Crescent streets, McGill University and several restaurants, yet conveniently tucked away on a quiet street. It is a four-star category hostel, is just 2 minutes walk from Lucien-L’Allier Metro Station, which will allow you to easily move both to the host organizations and to anywhere in Montreal.

The hostel also has coworking spaces,
laundry service, and free WiFi. Hostel gives
guests access to a fully equipped kitchen, laundry facilities and daily activities free of charge. Guests can meet other travelers in the on-site bar with pool table, and karaoke.

Adresse: 1030 Mackay St, Montreal.
Website: https://saintlo.ca/en/hostels/montreal Instagram video saintlo_montreal

Food: All meals are included in the program, the hostel offers continental breakfast, at lunch time the participants receive from Moisson Montreal a snack during the morning break and a complimentary lunch, for dinner there is a budget to buy groceries and volunteers prepare meals in turns at the hostel kitchen, and do the shopping. So don't forget to bring your best recipes to share with your classmates, kitchen cleaning is the responsibility of the participants. Vegetarian food is available.

Leisure: Like a leader you have days off between the programs and weekly pocket money. The entire program takes place in the city of Montreal, where the hostel's privileged location allows you to be less than 10 minutes from the Underground City, Le Vieux Port, the Notre-Dame Basilica, La Grande Bibliothèque or Jean-Drapeau Park and other attractions.

In addition, during the week of the work camp there is a mini express French course to learn basic phrases of the language, the program also includes the photography contest called "#CIMITMoments" whose objective is to capture in photographs the moments, places or people that impacted your life. stay in Montreal, all participants in the volunteer programs of the 2023 season are invited to participate.

Transportation: will be public transport in Montréal a transport card is provided to leaders, it is important to carry all the time because many activities in Montréal require you to take the metro, bus or train.

Participation fee: USD 480 (American dollars). It must be transferred 30 days before the start date of the chosen Workcamp.


Participation Responsibility

To be fully aware of the responsibilities of volunteers and participants during volunteer programs, please read the following carefully:

●  Volunteers must accept and abide by the host organization's rules and conditions.

●  Participants are expected to be active members of the group and contribute to work, cleanup activities, and free

time for the duration of the volunteer program.

●  Volunteers are expected to work seven to eight hours a day, five days a week.

●  Your independence will be respected during the program, but the team leader has the last word, responsibility

for you and your safety during our camp in Montreal, so they will have to solve the problems if you get lost or injured. If you want to do an activity independently of the group, you should discuss it with the camp leaders and they should be fully aware of your plans.

●  Participants should inform the team leader in case they want to spend free time away from the program. However, they must not spend the night outside, nor host or integrate other people outside the program.

●  Team leaders have been trained to run the programs; They are in charge of organizing work, food, contacts with local organizations and much more. Do not forget that they are volunteers too, so you must cooperate with them at work and during free time activities.

●  Leaders are not fully responsible for organizing volunteer free time and look forward to your ideas and input.

●  Participants are expected to stay for the entire duration of the camp. If they MUST leave early or arrive late, they

must communicate this in advance.

●  Smoking is not allowed in closed spaces or where the law prevents it. Alcohol consumption should be moderated

with consideration and only during leisure time. Failure to comply with this measure implies immediate expulsion

from the program.

●  Please note that the use of any kind of drugs is strictly prohibited. The use of cannabis is strictly prohibited during

the entire duration of the program.

●  Volunteers without insurance will not be able to participate in our projects.

●  Volunteers must not engage in violent or discriminatory behaviors (for example, racism, sexism and homophobic

behavior) these behaviors in Canada are considered violations of the law for that reason in the programs these

behaviors are not tolerated.

●  Individuals who participate in volunteer programs acknowledge and agree that they are responsible for

determining their ability, aptitude, and suitability to participate. If anyone has physical problems or conditions that

would affect the volunteer's ability to participate in the program, they must give advance notice.

●  Volunteers must obey the laws of the host country. They are also responsible for their own behaviors on the show

and must respect the culture and traditions of the local host.

●  If volunteers cancel their place in a project, they should inform the sending organizations as soon as possible.

Remember that a volunteer program is NOT an alternative travel agency; our projects are not cheap vacations. Therefore, we expect a high level of motivation from each participant, cooperation, flexibility and open-mindedness! Our camps are based on self-organization and self-management, and this is also what makes them unique and enriching! Please don't expect the leader to organize everything for the group, but be prepared to contribute your own ideas and personality.