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ESDA-5222 ESPAÑA Pola de Somiedo, Asturias ART,CULT 01/08/2022 14/08/2022

Drawing the Hope | ESDA-5222 | 2022-08-01 - 2022-08-14 | ART,CULT | Age: 16 - 20

The Town Hall of the municipality of Somiedo

Work: The main task of the volunteers will be cleaning the river bed. Also, there may be other works to support the local community.

Accomodation and food: Basic municipal hostel with bunk beds. The volunteers will have access to a covered pool and other services.

Location: Pola de Somiedo, Asturias

Location and Leisure: Pola de Somiedo is the capital of the council of Somiedo. It also has the category of the parish, along with fourteen more parish entities that make up the council in its entirety. The council of Somiedo is located in the Principality of Asturias, in its southern area, bordering territories such as Cangas del Narcea or León. Pola de Somiedo is in turn made up of three population centres, Castro, Pineda and Pola de Somiedo itself, over which around 255 inhabitants are distributed. The list that follows is a brief orientation about Pola de Somiedo, as well as an assessment of Somiedos heritage as a whole: Parish Church of San Miguel de Pola de Somiedo. Church of San Pedro de La Riera, a work dating from the 18th century. Route through the Somiedo Natural Park, with places such as the Saliencia Lakes. Caunedo Palace, dating from the XV-XVI centuries. The environmental quality of Somiedo is evidenced by the fact that it has been a Natural Park since 1988 (the first in Asturias), and that UNESCO declared it a Biosphere Reserve in 2000.

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Requirements: This camp

Language: eng

Extra Fee: 50 EUR