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CONCF-158 FRANCIA CAZENEUVE RENO 12/08/2022 26/08/2022




12/08 - 26/08 


13 vols

15 – 17


Project and Work: 

Come to discover the rural South of France throughout the ages in Cazeneuve!

It will take you back a thousand years to the times of templars, mousquetaires, knights and legends. Located in the center of the Gers-Armagnac County, the Heart of Gascogne, you will be at the crossroads of several natural and cultural regions, all with their own history and legends.

Cazeneuve’s medieval church is a stopover on the pilgrim roads that cross all of Europe to Santiago De Compostela. The Compostela pilgrim paths are labeled UNESCO heritage. You will be the first generation of volunteers to start its renovation.

You will learn traditional masonry techniques to work inside this church. Accompanied by a technical facilitator you will rebuild a wall that used to be part of the town’s church. You will also participate in workshops to learn the art of stone-crafting.


Accommodation and food: 

You will be accommodated in a tent, with access to toilets, shower and kitchen. The group will be sharing the cleaning chores and preparing meals together. The budget will be allocated to the group leader and you will participate in the grocery shopping and in the preparation of meals, prioritizing products from the market and local producers.

Please bring your sleeping bag and mat. You will wash your clothes and other items manually.



The municipality is committed in restoring its local heritage through international workcamps. You will be the first generation of international volunteers to come to Cazeneuve. The dwellers of the area are attached to History and culture. After you, several workcamps will take place in Cazeneuve. The local people will be happy to share with you the tales and legends of the land throughout the centuries.  

Come back again in a few years to see how much your work has done for the local community!


Location and leisure: 

You will be located at the center of the Gers County, in the Southwest of France, with remarkable natural and man-made heritage. The Gers -otherwise known as Gascogne or Armagnac- is a very rural area, made of sunbathed hills and valleys covered by small fields and forests. The beauty and diversity of this countryside presents a great historical, architectural and environmental interests. Outdoors activities such as hiking, archeology visits, are possible.

You will be able to visit several historical landmarks, such as nearby roman ruins of Seviac, where international volunteers have also worked.


Special requirements and remarks: 

Consider taking clothes and footwear for work and hiking (including rain). Bring a warm sleeping bag and a good mattress (tent sleeping), the nights are sometimes cool and humid. If you want, you can bring your own tent. And remember to take a bathing suit in case of a possible swim. Don’t hesitate to bring home specialties, photos, games, musical instruments, etc.


Foreigners belonging to the European Union must bring with them a personal EHIC (European Health Insurance Card), and everybody must, in any case, bring their insurance certificate. If health issues arise on the project, volunteers will have to pay for it, and then be reimbursed once back in their home country.





Time and directions to Meeting Place:

The meeting point is set at CONDOM Bus Station on the 12/08 at 6:30 PM. There are regular trains to AGEN from PARIS Montparnasse train station, TOULOUSE Matabiau train station, or BORDEAUX St Jean train station (for instance: 12:37 Paris Montparnasse – 16:23 Agen). From AGEN you will have to take the Bus number 953 leaving at 17:20 to CONDOM (arriving 18:12).

An Infoshet will be sent to you at least 4 weeks before the beginning of the workcamp with more details and tips.


Closest airport: 

Toulouse Blagnac airport.



200 €