SednaWeek-D ALEMANIA Whatsapp History 15/05/2022 22/05/2022

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Meet other young people and share with them a critical approach to history Take the human social and technological progress as a global achievement Give to every culture and every human being its rightful place in history Your free time will be enough. Your level of English will be enough. You will get inspired from an unexpected WhatsApp experience. You will enjoy a friendly competition among students from all over the world. And learn another way how to learn history. "The Book of Sedna" is a journalistic project with more artistic than scientific ambitions. Actually a book, but visually designed and presented like a painting hanging on the wall. In terms of content, a manifesto diplaying the chronology of the universe in a revolutionary way.

➡️ A certificate of participation can be issued upon request for display purposes.

The name Sedna refers to a divine being, half woman half fish. According to ancestral Inuit beliefs, she presides over living creatures at the bottom of the ocean. Sedna is also the name given to a distant planetoid whose exceptional orbit around our Sun takes 11’163 Earth years. Sedna’s next perihelion (this is the point of maximum proximity to the Sun) will happen in this century, while Sedna’s last perihelion happened when humanity was taking the first steps towards the Neolithic Revolution. Sedna’s last orbit around the Sun spans the entire path of humanity’s technological evolution since the transition from nomadism to sedentarism! All of our documented history, agriculture, architecture, metalworking and almost all art fall within Sedna’s last orbit.

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