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SJ/FAM83 FRANCIA Montendre ENVI,CULT 24/10/2022 31/10/2022

THE VEGETABLE GARDEN: A FAMILY ADVENTURE | SJ/FAM83 | 2022-10-24 - 2022-10-31 | ENVI,CULT | Age: 5 - 99


The objective of this workcamp is, thanks to exchanges and a transfer of inter-generational knowledge, to awaken you to sustainable development. Sustainable development, like permaculture is rooted in the organization s values and is transversal in our actions. This is why, Maison des Bateleurs-Solidarités Jeunesses has undertaken for several years the creation of an environment pole (a phytosanitary basin, dry toilets, a compost, an organic garden, the use of the surrounding natural resources, are some examples). Your actions will be in accordance with the objective 12 of sustainable development (UN) in favor of sustainable consumption and production.

Work: During this workcamp, you will actively participate in the life of the House and in the different activities: collective life (cooking, cleaning, organization, etc.), intercultural exchanges (meeting with the local population and volunteers of the association), etc. The work will mainly consist of the maintenance of the vegetable garden of the House (sowing, transplanting, hoeing, watering, harvesting, processing). In addition, you will participate in the maintenance of the compost bins, the planting pond, the chicken coop, the insect hotel and the bamboo grove. You will work in the garden in the mornings, adapting the rhythm to the youngest.

Accomodation and food: You will sleep in dorms (8 people) at Maison des Bateleurs, Montendre. You will have a vehicle available for all mobility in the region. Food will be provided for breakfast, lunch and dinner (you have a food budget which the facilitators will manage and communicate with you throughout the work). The meals will be prepared, in turn, by you, especially for lunch and dinner while respecting environmental values and local resources, as well as the culture of each and everyone (hot and cold dishes as well as vegetarian and vegan will be prepared).

Location: Montendre

Location and Leisure: The workcamp is located in Montendre (17130), Charente-Maritime, near Bordeaux. Tour of the region will be collectively planned as you wish: city visits, ocean, museums or the Forest House... Interactions with house volunteers will be provided like a pizza party... This will allow you to see how "Solidarités Jeunesses" works.

Train/Bus station: Montendre


Language: eng

Extra Fee: 50€ for children under the age of 10, 100€ per
person 11+