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VSAMLTV2201-4 TAILANDIA Phayao EDU/KIDS 30/09/2022 01/11/2022

VSAMLTV2201-4 Intercultural and Language (ICL)- Phayao EDU/CHIL


Rajaprajanugroh 24 School located in the northern Thailand connected to Laos border. The school is under the Rajaprajanugroh Foundation under Royal Patronage which support of education, food and accommodation for the children who have social problem issues, for example, no parents or gradients, family economic suffer, etc. There are about 1,048 students that can come and stay at the school from the primary (7 years old) to high school (18 years old). Most of the students in this school are from a hill tribe villages. This is boarding school.

School need international volunteers to create the activities for students to improve English for communication and create intercultural environment in the school.

This is new project.


Volunteers will work as English teachers, preparing lessons or English Camp with the teacher at the school.

Creative teaching English – Non-formal education tools can be used for creative teaching; volunteer is not required teaching certificate but required to be creative. Aims of creative teaching is giving the chance for students in the school and local community to have an opportunity to communicate with different languages and learn different cultures.

Volunteer would use Non-formal education tools to make activities based on intercultural and language such as the games, songs, storytelling, and dancing. Also, it should focus on communication; listening and speaking.

The activity after school – because the students stay at the school dormitory, they always have extra activities after school. The volunteer can join them to make a more closed relationship. It will be a good opportunity to exchange the different cultures and activities. Students are learning occupation skill activities such as organic farming, handicraft, organic products.

VSAMLTV2201-4 Intercultural and Language (ICL)- Phayao EDU/CHIL


Accommodation & Food

Volunteer will stay at the school accommodation. Food will be provided at school canteen.
Internet wifi is available in the school.


Ability to communicate in English
No criminal record proved (Certificate of Good conduct)
Age over 22 years old
Be creative in the class tools
Open up and love to learn new things, and respect in diffrent culture Volunteers apply at least for 2 months.

Location & Address

Rajaprajanugroh 24 School Ban Namrin Thungruangthong Chun, Phayao Thailand

Leisure activity

Local Temples, Water Fall. There might be some striction during covid-19

Extra fee

The extra fee is 14,000 Baht/Month


Chiangrai International Airport (connect from Bangkok international Airport).