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VFP-MTV03 ESTADOS UNIDOS Rutland SOCI/MANU 01/04/2022 31/12/2022

Male or Female, AGE 21+ 4 Vols, Only 1 volunteer serves at a time, Minimum 12 weeks; maximum 6 months
Rutland DISMAS HOUSE provides transitional drug, alcohol and violence free housing opportunity to men and women getting
out of prison so they can successfully reconcile with the community before living independently.
WORK: A good deal of participation in various components of fundraising activities, representing Dismas at speaking
engagements on college campuses and at civic organizations, working with clothing and food donations and support of the
residential community by participating in house group activities. The average daily work commitment expected is up to 5 -6
hours per day, however, the hours are varied and non-traditional, and may include some weekends and evenings. As a
resident of the house, volunteers will live as an equal to and with the same expectations as the former prisoner residents: The
volunteer is not at Dismas to act in a counseling or other related capacity.
STUDY THEME: Reintegration into society from prison.
ACCOMODATION: Modestly furnished shared room in a large Victorian house; sheets, towels, meals, laundry facilities,
internet access provided.
LOCATION: Rutland is a beautiful small city in the Green Mountains with nearby lakes and streams, population 17,500. Dismas
also has houses in Burlington, Winooski and Hartford, Vermont.


LEISURE ACTIVITIES: Recreation includes gym and rock climbing memberships with other residents, as well as house group
activities (bowling, hiking, camping, fishing, etc.) which are offered. Snow skiing is nearby. Time off for travel may be approved.
TERMINAL: Air to Burlington, Vermont; Albany, New York; Manchester, New Hampshire; Boston, Massachusetts. Train from
New York City to Rutland, Vermont.
SPECIAL REMARKS: Absolutely NO alcohol or drug use permitted during the stay; presence at the evening meal
Monday through Friday is required, as is presence at the weekly house meeting one evening during the week; no smoking
inside the house; no intimate relationships between residents permitted. Volunteers must be 24+, able to speak and understand
a better than basic level of English, and have basic computer skills. A 90-day/3 month commitment is required, but volunteers
may choose to stay for up to 3 additional months following the initial 3 month period if invited to do so.
VFP MOTIVATION FORM AND TELEPHONE INTERVIEW REQUIRED. VFP does not provide insurance for volunteers on
this project! Dismas offers liability insurance only – Volunteers are responsible for their own health/accident/travel
insurance. Only one international volunteer serves at any time. Volunteers must indicate the dates they are able to serve.