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Background Sustainable Youth Development Foundation – (SYDF) is a youth led, non-political and
not for profit Community Based Organization. It was established on 12th November,
2015 by the General Meeting in Kifumbira, attended by many village members and
elite persons from different villages in Mulago III parish but legally registered on 9th
August, 2016 under Reg. No. KAW/16.038. SYDF was formed basing on the willingness
of the community people with the target of dealing with the present socio-economic
problems faced by the youths in different villages of Mulago III Parish by means of
good understanding and sharing the problems to find the best solutions through open
discussions and inclusive decision making. From March 2015 to November 2015, SYDF
implemented and was involved in a number of community activities like mobilizing
the youth in community cleanings and HIV/AIDS awareness sensitization. “SYDF”
refers to a methodology or community-based process that evolved from 10 years of
experience from Save Street Children, working with street and community vulnerable
Vision: SYDF visualized a youths' generation that is poverty free, socially,
economically self-reliant and conscious about basic rights and human dignity.
Mission Statement: SYDF works to assist the youths and young people at grass root
level to find access to sustainable development in society with due dignity to solve
their own social-economic problems.
Core values of the organization are:
1. Respect for human rights
2. Collective participation
3. Transparency
4. Accountability
5. Integrity
6. Volunteerism
7. Respect for the rule of law
Aims The Objectives/Aims of SYDF include:

I. To facilitate the youths' engagement in community, national and international
processes in promoting positive, sustainable and progressive development.
II. To promote youth awareness and responsiveness to development issues and
improve access to information on youth and policy issues at community levels.
III. To facilitate and promote the capacity building of community stakeholders
that are working with vulnerable youths and the youths taking part in positive,
sustainable and progressive development.
IV. To equip the youths with skill in public social responsibility, accountability,
leadership and offer spiritual mentorship.
V. To empower the youth fight against HIV/AIDs and drug abuse

Uganda Pioneers’ Association

Activities  Entrepreneurship skills' development
 Quality and marketable hands on skills' training
 Talent Identification, development and management
 Public social responsibility, accountability and spiritual mentorship.
 Physical skills' capitalization
 Proper Identification and utilization of resources
 Environment and relations' management
 Civic education and governance and spiritual mentorship.
 Drug abuse, sexuality and HIV/AIDs
 Media management
Volunteer tasks  Entrepreneurship skills’ training
 Bible Study (Spiritual mentorship)
 Assisting in Counseling and psychosocial support
 Vocational training (if the volunteers brings the skills)
 Governance and leadership training
 Participating in community outreaches
 Sexuality Education


SYDF has different programs, it depends on the volunteers skills and interest where to
engage, there is room for new activities.
Volunteers with social work skills but also other professions are very welcomed.
Working hours Volunteers are supposed to be at office at around 9:30am and work will finish at

around 4:00 pm (except during holidays).
However, in some cases volunteers may work longer hours.

Transport It takes 10,000 Ug.Shs (to and from) from UPA to SYDF offices in Mpererwe by


Accommodation At UPA Guesthouse in Nansana or a host family in Nansana
Comments from

The placement at SYDF can be interesting since we offer volunteers opportunities to
be fully engaged in different activities ranging from young people to youths and
community projects. It requires a volunteer who loves working with young people and

Communication Most of the young people can communicate in English; otherwise, translation is also

possible at the project with the project staff and other volunteers

Past volunteers Finland

Participants are required to pay a participation fee of Euro 500 (five hundred Euros) on arrival
for a period of 1- 3months and 80 Euros (eighty Euros) in advance for each additional month/s.