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Background Trust Future Uganda (TFU) is an NGO which aims at offering a brighter future
to youth, orphans or vulnerable children and disadvantaged women living in
Trust Future Uganda is located in Kazo Central Zone Nabweru Katooke Road,
Nansana Town Council, Wakiso District and 5km from Kampala City Centre.
Aims  To provide orphans and vulnerable children with educational support
 To empower disadvantaged women through economic activities
 To create awareness on health issues
 To offer functional education to adults

Activities Trust Future works in three sectors: education, health and economic

1. Education for:
 Children. Our primary school counts 183 students, including 53 most
vulnerable children or orphans. We educate children from 4 to 14
 Adults who did not receive or complete their primary education. We
offer them language courses and business mathematics three times per
2. Health
 In partnership with local organizations we offer free HIV test,
counseling and psychological support to the local community.
 In partnership with a local dispensary, we provide our vulnerable pupils
with a free access to health care and medicine.
3. Empowerment of:
 Disadvantaged women through economic activities like craft products
(mats, lady’s hand bags, beads, craft shoes, envelopes and paper bags).
 Youths: we provide youths – who drop out of school or got early
marriage – with professional skills (i.e. bricks and shoes making or
sewing activities).

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Volunteer tasks  Management: accountancy and finance of the projects prioritize NGO’s
needs - Project management: planning, implementation, monitoring,
defining budget and evaluation, finding new sources of sustainability.
 Research work: qualitative and quantitative research about our
beneficiaries (disadvantaged women, youth and children) regarding to
living conditions, health, income, nutrition, accommodation, etc.
 Field work: social work in the communities, meetings and interactions
with our beneficiaries (advices and prevention), guidance and
psychological support.
 Journalism: in order to create awareness among the social network,
you will collect and write short interviews and positive stories of Trust
Future’s members – either staff, or beneficiaries (Humans of Trust
 Marketing / communication: strategic marketing and operational,
promotion of the projects, creation of promotional supports (video,
brochure, flyers, business card, ...), promotion of volunteering (through
also voluntarism) and internship, writing job description of volunteering
opportunities, finding international market for Women
empowerment’s craft products, etc.
 E Marketing: interactions with the web users on social networks (i.e.
Facebook) and the website (update and writing)
 Public Relations: - partnership-building : with the objective of recruiting
new volunteers/internships and collecting supports, you will be looking
for international partnerships with High School (social workers,
teachers), Secondary School, foundations, companies (Corporate Social
Responsibility (CSR), etc., - search of local partners (building a strong
network), - fundraising programme (writing fundraising proposals and
 Teaching: in collaboration with the teaching staff, you will teach
subjects such as English, Mathematics, Sciences, Geography, Physical
Education, Art (drawing and painting) or any other relevant subject (i.e.
foreign languages, computer skills).To provide recreational activities to
children and youth such as games and Sports.
 Photography / Video: in order to create awareness about Ugandan
living conditions and culture, you can capture pictures or videos of
Trust Future’s environment (community) or members (staff,
 IT: updating of the website.

Volunteer qualities Anyone with an open mind and a caring soul can volunteer with TFU. No
specific skills or training is required. However, being proactive and flexible are
essential. What you will achieve depends on your commitment and motivation.
Please note that teaching function may not be available during school holidays:
January, April, August and December.
Working hours Office hours are from 9:00am – 4:00pm.

Uganda Pioneers’ Association


Transport From the UPA Guest House it is 20 mins with a Boda Boda. It costs

approximately 10,000 Ug Sh to and from.

Accommodation A Volunteer may live in UPA Guesthouse or TFU may provide accommodation
for the volunteer in a host family with one of our community households who
are carefully selected.

Communication Communication at the organization will be in English.
Comment from UPA. Working with children as well as communities makes TFU a good placement
which will introduce the volunteer to Uganda’s education and healthy system.
The volunteer should be highly motivated with an open mind.
All volunteers choosing school project should always remember to consider
the school holidays. Schools are closed in April – May, August to September
and December to early February.

Past volunteers From Belgium, France, Finland, Germany, Ireland and Spain

Participants are required to pay a participation fee of Euro 500 (five hundred Euros) on arrival
for a period of 1- 3months and 80 Euros (eighty Euros) in advance for each additional month/s.