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Background Another Hope Children’s Ministries (AHCM) is a Non-Profit, Non-Governmental
Organization (NGO) registered by the government of Uganda, Reg. No.
S5914/8153. It was established as a Community Based Organization (CBO) in 2006
and acquired the NGO status in 2009 and located in Kkona/West Village, Wakiso
Sub-County in Wakiso District about 18 kilometers from Kampala city which is a 40
minutes’ drive. AHCM operates in four districts of Wakiso, Kampala, Mukono, and

Aim Giving hope to the orphaned, street children and children from impoverished
families in Uganda through strategic partnership with child actors; provision of a
safe home for the homeless children, re-union of the homeless with their families
or facilitating fostering and adoption, provision of psychosocial support and
counseling for parents, Caregivers and Children; Development of the children’s
spiritual well-being for better future citizens ; formation of strategic partnership
and alliances for advocacy of children’s and women’s rights; investing in education
of the children, income generating activities for disadvantaged families and
strengthening evidence based programming and policy research.

Activities  Provision of a safe and secure home for the homeless, abandoned and

vulnerable children
 Farming projects – poultry, piggery, livestock, cultivation
 Construction of rain – water tanks in community families of Lukwanga
parish to provide safe and clean water for the children
 Training in life skills such as brick/block making, tailoring and embroidery,
art and craft, farming activities
 Operation of a Vocational school
 Counseling and guidance for career choice, behavioral change,
psychological healing and coping
 Psychosocial Facilitation Skills for normal and optimum functioning.
 Supporting orphans and other vulnerable children with basic needs such as
education , shelter, clothing, food and medical care
 Advocacy for children’s rights
 Preventive and curative health services

Volunteer tasks  Reading materials to kids to help them in their English fluency.

 Raising awareness about the organization’s work and activities, as well as
the plight of vulnerable children in the country both locally and
 Walking with pre-scholars to school
 Assisting children in their homework assignments
 Bathing the children and maintaining proper hygiene
 Playing with the children, counseling and disciplining them
 Administering medication to the sick children
 Assisting the children in doing house chores – fetching water from the
well, farming, etc
 Offer professional expertise to the children and AHCM management.

Uganda Pioneers’ Association

 Taking part in school evaluation exercises.
 Taking part in field-based visits.

Volunteer qualities  Loving heart- ability to offer love and care to the children

 Guidance and Counseling Skills – on behavioral change, reproductive
health, sexuality, education and HIV/AIDS related issues.
 Motivational skills – Motivating children and the young adults on best
behavior, success tips, offering Career guidance.
 Hardworking and ready to take on any task and challenges.
 Flexible
 Ability to work in a multi-cultural setting
Working hours 8:00 am to 5:00 pm (Monday to Friday)
8:00 am to 1:00 pm (Saturday)

Transport Public transport – Taxi and Motorcycle (locally known as ”boda-boda”)

It will cost a volunteer between Ugx 8,000 a day (to and from) if the volunteer
lives at UPA Guest House.

Accommodation A volunteer may live at the UPA Guest House, a host family depending on his/her
choice however we have a fully equipped guesthouse that they can use at a
negotiable fee.

Comments from

Working with vulnerable children and young adults may call for a volunteer’s
readiness to experience irritating and challenging situations. However, a volunteer
shall be required to carry a very open heart that can accommodate these
You should be highly motivated to create own tasks / activities at times and for
any queries endeavor to have a discussion with the directors.

Communication Communication with AHCM children and staff is easy, as most have attained a
formal education. However, In case of children who are unable to speak good
English, translation is always available.

Past Volunteers Japan, Finland, South Korea, United Kingdom, U.S.A., Philippines and Germany.

Participants are required to pay a participation fee of Euro 500 (five hundred Euros) on arrival
for a period of 1- 3months and 80 Euros (eighty Euros) in advance for each additional month/s.