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Centre for Special Abilities (CeSA) is a Community Based Organization (CBO) founded in January,
2015 with the aim of training children between 3years old and above for independent living with
practical life skills, experiences and knowledge to help them be able to address challenges in life
starting in Uganda and beyond. Since then, it has been operating informally. The Foundation was
legitimately registered in September 2018 on No. WCBO /18 /1102 in Wakiso district.
Many children face a lot of challenges that could be social, emotional, mental or even psychological
along the course of life that could distract them from achieving their life goals in future.
CeSA supports children facing such challenges to help them live an independent life through
therapies like occupational, speech and language and physio for independent living as well as Special
Needs Education。
NB: This is the only centre for dyslexic children in Uganda for primary and secondary sections.
The objectives of the Centre are:
• To conduct community mobilization for sensitization, child psycho-Educational assessment
for intervention.
• To promote children’s health and Advocate for their rights.
• To develop the basic vocational skills in affordable and manageable fields like Agriculture,
music, food preparation and home management.
• To act as a model centre for hands on training of students from higher institutions of
• To promote environmental conservation strategies and practices for sustainable
Volunteering with us will therefore be a memorable experience because it is fun-packed,
intriguing, full of learning, and satisfying. You will surely make a difference!
“A society in which children with special needs can grow and develop to their full potential for
independent living.”
 Community mobilization, sensitization and empowerment.
 Child psycho-educational assessment for rehabilitation.
 Occupational therapy.
 Speech and language therapy
 Physio therapy
 Special needs education
 Basic skills development
 Advocacy and networking
 Capacity building
 Spiritual and Religious development

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The volunteer will be expected to assist the full-time staff by participating in the following:
 Preparing resources and materials required in the learning process
 Assist with indoor and outdoor games.
 Assist in arranging parties and other special school days
 Preparing excursions and field tours
 Music, Dance and Drama
 Arts and Crafts
 Engaging children with enjoyable literature – reading, storytelling and writing.
 Contribute to documentation of children’s learning.
 Organize children’s holiday camps
 Arranging for teachers and parents’ workshops
 IT-related activities, e.g. web design, social networking, etc.
 Participating in therapy work
 The volunteer must:
 Exhibit passion/enthusiasm for children with special needs.
 Be patient and flexible
 Be friendly and open minded
 Be creative and have a sense of humor
 Be honest, caring and reliable
 Exhibit effective communication skills appropriate for children
 Have respect for differences in personality, culture etc.
 Have a willingness to learn and share knowledge and experiences
The Volunteer can stay at UPA Guest House, or at a selected host family. The school is 1⁄2 km from
UPA Guesthouse.
It’s a workable distance.
The project is located in a Peri-urban area where a big percentage of people can speak English
well. There are of course some scores of the community and parents who are more comfortable
with the local dialect Luganda.
Like most regions in Uganda people in this community are very friendly to visitors and are
always interested to talk/work with people from other cultural backgrounds.
At CeSA, the main language of communication is English.
The placement requires volunteers that are highly motivated, creative and innovative. It is an
interesting project and introduces you to a really local setting and early child growing experiences in
All volunteers choosing school projects should always remember to consider the school holidays,
schools are closed in April-May, August – September and December to Early February.
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Participants are required to pay a participation fee of Euro 500 (five hundred Euros) on arrival
for a period of 1- 3months and 80 Euros (eighty Euros) in advance for each additional month/s.