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MCE/01 MONGOLIA Buhug river AGRI/KIDS 14/06/2022 27/06/2022

MCE/01  Orphanage’s & Eco farming-1  (Buhug river)  14/Jun-27/Jun    AGRI/KIDS     Vol-10

Since 2000, volunteers from all over the world have been participating in summer programs designed to help/improve the vegetable farm of Childcare Center of Mongolia (Orphanage). But last 4 years orphanage decided to not continue their farming work because of lack of human resource and availability of land for farming. Since 2017 our organization managed to rent  farming land for the Orphanage and they started their farming work on this land again. So our cooperation will start again on their farm since 2018. So one of international volunteers work will be helping for farming of the orphanage. 

Same time we do run small eco farm in same area to improve the method of eco friendly farm and help to poor families trough our work.  During the last years we focused to improve more for the facilities of locals/ volunteers but not farming method and way. So when we look back in this moment our way to do farming and cultivating is not really productive and eco friendly. Even other farmers who doing same work around us are same. Local people work very hard for hall summer but in autumn they got very small harvest compare to their hard work. So since this year we going to develop our farm more as a training farm of eco farming for the local people. Local people could learn  at our farm basic but very important ecological farming methods and know/how. We wish to achieve to get biggest amount of harvest, using smallest amount  land.  Volunteers will work in eco vegetable farm and develop eco farming training farm. Vegetables from the eco farm will be donated to the low income (poor) local families. 

W: Main works are helping at orphanage’s and eco farm trough our work such as remove the weeds in the field, working in green house,  making water canal for farm, making compost  etc. Quite tiring but let's enjoy it

S: Eco farming methods/know how of other countries.  The future plan of international 

   workcamps etc. 

P: Cultural exchange program, excursions, etc.

A: Summer house and Mongolian traditional tents which is GER (traditional tent).  SB!    CV with a local staff.

L: 45 km from Ulaanbaatar.  Place name is “BUHUG”. The sight is just unbelievably beautiful, 

   typical Mongolian plain.

T: Ulaanbaatar, Chinggis Khaan International airport or International train station of Ulaanbaatar 

QAll volunteers should have 2nd doze of Covid-19 vaccine 14 days in advance before  

    arrive in Mongolia

   To like farming/physical works and be flexible/ adaptable.  Mongolian speakers are welcome!

X: The additional fee of 250 USD (or equivalent amount of MNT or Euro by current rate of Mongolian bank) should be paid on your arrival directly.  


Participation fee to MCE 

(2 weeks project)                       : 250 USD per a workcamp (or equivalent of MNT or Euro)

For all the workcamps in Mongolia, we will manage pick up service by request of volunteers from/to airport or train station.  

Also we will provide free transportation to/from workcamp site for the first and last day of the workcamp.