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VWA-NG – TM06 NIGERIA Gberefu Parmaculture Centre, Badagry MULTI CULTURAL 07/12/2022 19/12/2022


Christmas Holiday Festival Camp
Start Date : 07 December 2022
End Date : 19 December 2022
PROJECT NAME : Holiday Festival Camp

CAMP LOCATION : Gberefu Parmaculture Centre, Badagry
NO. OF VOLUNTEERS : 10 volunteers
Description: Permaculture Forest Garden (Environmental Education Centre)
project teaches permaculture, environmental education and sustainability topics
to the youngsters in the community. Our workcamp focuses on improving
facilities on the project centre and to support practical and theoretical learning
about environmental issues among volunteers and young people in local
community. It offers the space for volunteers that want to learn about
permaculture in practice, sustainability and environmental issues in Nigeria, and
making handcraft products from waste materials.
Type of Work: Volunteers will plant trees and flowers and also carry out a
beautification project at a public monument at Badagry. Participate in the
International Volunteers day and also take part in Volunteers Expo usually
organized last month of the year.
Accommodation: Volunteers will stay together in the permaculture centre. The
facilities within the centre are basic, with shared room, shower, and kitchen.
Please bring your own sleeping bag.
Language: English will be spoken during the workcamp, basic English Language
skills are necessary.
Requirements: Volunteers should be open to new cultures, enthusiastic to
exchange/learn about environmental issues. Please come working gloves, water
proof clothes and booths.
Approximate Location: The workcamp will be held at the Permaculture Forest
Garden (Environmental Education Centre) project in Badagry Lagos, which is
part of the peninsular which separates the Lagoon of Lagos from the Atlantic
Notes: There will be social nights and cultural weekends. So volunteers should
come with cultural habits and possible costumes and cookies to denote their
culture. Intercultural cooking competition will be done at camp. Visits will be
made to ancient relics and galleries. Excursion will be made to slave
monument and relics in Nigeria. An extra fee (optional) Will be requested to
visit slave camp or gallery and other tourist centres and Badagry Beach – this
is optional.
Please send Volunteer Exchange Form (VEF) of your

EXTRA FEE: 250€ (Two Hundred and Fifty Euro) for each camp.