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VWA-NG – TM03 NIGERIA Social Development Institute Peace Campaign 17/07/2022 28/07/2022


Raising Peace Rally / Campaign

Start Date : 17 July 2022
End Date : 28 July 2022
TOPIC : Peace Campaign
PROJECT NAME : No More War / PEACE Rally / Raising Peace
CAMP LOCATION : Social Development Institute
NO. OF VOLUNTEERS : 10 volunteers
Description: The current social context, in the world at lager is dominated by frequent
conflicts, refugee crisis, extremism, poverty and social exclusion. This project means to
offer an opportunity for young people, activists and volunteers belonging to the IVS
movement to concretely develop a practice, organized rally, mobilizing local groups and
non-formal activities to raise awareness in the area of Peace and Human Rights. Thus
focusing on Human Rights activism, advocacy and global peace education, VWAN will
carry out a non-formal workcamp to address the issue of peace among young people
and elderly group within the local community. It will also afford the volunteers to
develop a practical approach to develop skills in coordinating workshops, leading
debates and sharing information.
Type of Work: Volunteers will join with local group to carry out awareness campaigns
on Peace Actions, social inclusion and rights of youth on development through formal
and non-formal education. Volunteer will also visit various schools and universities with
the guide of local participants to create branches or cell units for local voluntary service
organization thus mobilizing them out for leadership roles. This is to address volunteers
drain and attracting youths for voluntary service.
Accommodation: Volunteers will stay together in a Social Institute reserve centre at
Iperu. The facilities within the centre are basic, with shared room, shower, and kitchen.
Approximate Location: The workcamp will be held at SDI – Iperu Remo in Ogun State.
About 2 kilometres to major express connecting States.

EXTRA FEE: 250€ (Two Hundred and Fifty Euro) for each camp.