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RC-13/22 INDIA Dharamshala & Solan SOC/CUL 19/09/2022 01/10/2022

RC-13/22 Tibetan Culture & Social Dev. Dharamshala & Solan SOC/CUL 10 Vols. 19.09.22 – 01.10.22

Background: Through this project we aim to provide volunteers with an enriching (rural & urban) experience where they would participate in our ongoing rural community development initiatives aimed at uplift of marginalized people and later move to McLeodganj, Dharamshala where Tibetan Government in exile has its head quarters. Volunteers here would get chance to increase their understanding about Tibetan Culture, their movement and their ongoing struggle to keep their identity alive.

Location & Leisure time: (1st week) RUCHI Campus at village, Bandh of Solan district and (2nd week) in the town of Mcloedganj in Dharamshala, a tourist hub.

The volunteers will have opportunity to visit the seat of spiritual leader, the Dalia Lama and other historical Hindu temples. Opportunities will be there for short and long treks in the mountains. After the camp, if they like, volunteers may visit Golden Temple in Amritsar, Punjab. In the first week, Nearby Kasauli town is a major attraction. A visit to Shimla will offer an opportunity to see high Himalayan Mountains and British architecture.

Work: During 1st week volunteers would join us in our headquarter which is based at a rural location where they have opportunity to live & experience a typical mountain village culture, their lifestyle and during process join our ongoing initiatives like NFE, women

empowerment, NRM (Protection of fresh water sources), organic farming etc.

During 2nd week the group would move to Mcloedganj in Dharamshala which is a touristic town and also Secretariat of Tibetan Government in exile. Over here they would visit Tibetan, monasteries, museum, schools and join language classes with Tibetan people. There is a likelihood that we may take up some cleanliness work or some other activity. Otherwise, this week will be more of touristic and culture sharing.

Accommodation and Food: Volunteers will live in shared accommodation in both places. The minimum basic amenities will be available. Vegetarian food will be served but in the town you will have access to non- vegetarian meals as well. A cook will be there but volunteers are expected to help him and occasionally cook their own meals and self-management is required. Sleeping bags are not necessary but required for personal hygiene and additional comfort.

Requirements: Interest in understanding different life styles and issues with a sharing and learning ability, High motivation & open mindedness is a must.

International Terminal: Chandigarh Nearest railway station: Kalka Participation Fee: Euro 250