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VSAMLTV2201-2 TAILANDIA Songkhla edu, kids 01/01/2022 31/12/2022

Intercultural and Language (ICL)- Songkhla


VSA accept MLTV from 1-12 months individually which need to be start 1st of every month.


The schools in Songkhla, Thailand

VSA Learning Home, Songkhla, Thailand (Every volunteer needs to participate in orientation week at VSA Learning
Home on 1st – 5th of every month before go to work at the project site)

On 1st-5th of every month, VSA organize orientation meeting at Learning HOME Songkhla Thailand for new MLTV volunteers,
new outgoing volunteers, new VSA members and new local volunteers together. Aims of activity will be

Education Reform is one of exigent project in Thailand. Regarding the gap between city and
countryside in Thailand, education decide is one of the problem that need to be solve. The
project try to recruit international volunteer to be in the countryside at least to create
international atmosphere in community. Encourage everyone to see how important of
intercultural knowledge in nowaday.

Padang Bezar is the border sub-district in Sadao Songkhla. The location connect to Perlis,
Malaysia. Main occupation in this town is commercial between Thailand and Malaysia. 60%
is Muslim 30% Buddhist and others.

This project require volunteers apply at least for 2 months.
Intercultural and Language (ICL)- Songkhla

Padang Besar mulnicipality is taking control 1 school and 3
kindergartens in Padang Besar sub-district, Sadao, Songkhla.

When the schools is not allowed to open volunteers will be supporter
in teachers training to prepare the lesson with the teachers before
school open.

Volunteers will prepare English study clips for online study and will
teach them online following schedule of each schools.

When the school is allowed to open volunteers will follow the teaching
schedule in each school, planing with teacher and make the
conversation in the classes.

The goal of ICL project is to communicate in English with students,
encourage them to use English with you. Because in Thailand less Thai
English teacher can speak English well by culture barrier.

So volunteer will create the situation for student to use English in the
class with non-formal education tools such as Song, Game, Creating
English Situation in the class (for example market situation to let then
learn more word or some conversation that could happen in the
market), basic English in daily life, ect.
Volunteers can ask for equipment for lesson preparing from teacher in
the school.

School and kindergarten atmosphere, Thai teacher could not speak
English well (as well as children), be prepared on this, you may face
difficulty of communication situation but international volunteers will
be together. So at least you have friends who can communicate with
you. But Thai people really easy going, like to support, help and keen to
learn if you are open mind to teach them or communicate with them
slowly by slowly.
When school

This is new project.

Malaysia Border, Khao
Rub chang Temple.
There might be some
striction during covid-19
Accommodation & Food

Volunteer will stay with Thai host family house. Volunteer will share room with other volunteers, share
restroom with familyใ Internet available in the house.

Volunteers can cook at the host family for breakfast and supper. There will be lunch at the workplace
(school or kindergarten) volunteers will have lunch with teacher or students.

Volunteers are welcome to help or learn cooking with host family or at workplace as well as to bring some
ingredients from your country for food culture exchange.

The extra fee is 14,000

Hatyai International


Qualification of Volunteer

Volunteer can communicate in English
No criminal record proved (Certificate of Good
Age 22 years old up+
Female only
Be creative in the class tools
Like to be with small kids