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AU-IVP 12.1 AUSTRALIA Goulburn Agriculture / Art / Cultural heritage 26/02/2022 10/03/2022

Goulburn Agricultural Show

Camp code:

AU-IVP 12.1



Start Date:

26 Feb 2022

End Date:

10 Mar 2022


12: Art, culture and local history

Work Types:

Agriculture / Art / Cultural heritage

Number of volunteers:


International age:

18 - 99

National age:

16 - 99

Extra fee to be paid in the hosting country:

75.00 Australian Dollar [1153 Mexican Peso] 

  1. Accommodation and food: 50.00 Australian Dollar
  2. Transportation: 15.00 Australian Dollar
  3. Activities: 10.00 Australian Dollar
  4. Hosting organisation support: 0 Australian Dollar

Purpose of extra costs:

$75 (AUD) (covers food, accommodation, insurance, camp leader, sightseeing in Goulburn and possible day excursion).

Required Language:



Description: Goulburn Agricultural, Pastoral and Horticultural Society began in 1880. They organise the Goulburn Show in NSW each year, showcasing the very best of agricultural produce, local creative talents, school artwork and related activities. Goulburn Show is one of the largest community events in the region. See: www.goulburnshow.com.au/ 

Type of Work: For the volunteers it will be fun and rewarding to work with local community-minded people. The Show will take place on 5th and 6th March 2022. You will work behind the scenes and help put the Goulburn Show together, set up infrastructure for the show and pack away afterwards. The work will be approximately 7 hours per day with tasks as required, mostly physical with some moderate lifting. The work is quite physically demanding so please do not apply unless you are happy to work and take initiative. Together with local volunteers, the work will include erecting tables, setting up displays, fencing, laying carpets, packing and unpacking, raking up straw in the animal enclosures and more. During the two days of the show you will help for a few hours on the IVP information stall.

Study Theme: Developing and nurturing peace, at an individual and community level.

More to follow ...

Accommodation: The team will live together in a small building at the showground. Stretchers, mattresses, sheets, pillows and blankets will be supplied. There are two separate rooms for sleeping. There will be a roster for shopping, cooking and cleaning. Separate toilets and showers and a washing machine are in the building. The town centre is a 20-minute walk away and there you can find supermarkets, post office, cinema, nature walks and a swimming pool.

Requirements: You will be working with children during the camp, therefore the Australian authorities require you to have a Working With Children Check. Please, apply for that online: https://wwccheck.ccyp.nsw.gov.au/Applicants/Application prior to arriving in Goulburn. Keep your application number, because you will have to report that on arrival.

Approximate Location: Goulburn is a regional city in the Southern Tablelands of the Australian state of New South Wales, approximately 195 kilometres south-west of Sydney, and 90 kilometres north-east of Canberra. See: https://www.goulburnaustralia.com.au/

Notes: What to bring: Wide brimmed sun hat, closed work shoes/boots and appropriate work clothes. The weather can be very changeable, one moment very hot and the next, a cold snap, so bring clothes for all climates, including possible rain. We will have some emergency clothes in case you can’t carry clothes for all possibilities. We will also have sunscreen and you must wear it as the sun in Australia is ferocious and you can develop preconditions for skin cancer with 10 mins exposure in the middle of the day.

Organization Description: International Volunteers for Peace (IVP) is the Australian branch for Service Civil International (SCI), one of the world’s largest Global Volunteering Networks with Branches in 44 countries and 106 Partners and Contacts in Africa, Asia, Europe and the Americas. More than 5000 volunteers participate in hundreds of volunteer projects each year. IVP involved Projects are initiated and organised by community groups, and are designed to be of tangible benefit to the local community. They enhance local initiatives and do not replace paid labour. Our projects historically have been described as ‘work camps’. Using this model, we bring together people of diverse race, ideology, nationality and age who live together while working on a community project. We offer short-term, and medium to long-term projects.