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SVI-AJT BÉLGICA Tournai SOCI – ENVI – EDU – CULT 01/10/2021 01/10/2022


Name Auberge de jeunesse Tournai Location Tournai
Dates Permanent Project
Age 18+
Volunteers 2

Presentation of the partner

The non-profit youth hosteling association “Les Auberges de Jeunesse asbl“ was established in 1933. In line with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, it aims to promote social tourism, cultural tourism, and travel for young people, and to play a role in developing the potential of young people, thereby contributing towards their education and responsible citizenship in a humanist spirit. The aim of the association is to create and animate a network of Youth Hostels, meeting offices, and sheltering building centers. Another aim is to keep a friendly atmosphere between the hosted people without discrimination of age, skin-color, religion, nationality, language, gender, and opinion. The association also wants to let the youngsters know about the network of youth hostel across the world.

Volunteer work

The work consists in active participation to the work services:

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Food and Accommodation

The volunteer will be hosted in a room with another volunteer.

When there is no food service at the hostel, the volunteer will receive money for food.

Meeting Point

All information on how to get to the project will be given in the info sheet.


The volunteer should speak either english, French or Flemish.


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Our long-term projects

Each volunteer will be welcomed on arrival by a SVI member who will be able to take him / her to his / her volunteering project, or by a member of the local as- sociation. In the next days, the volunteer will have an interview with the incoming project coordinator if he or she cannot be present on arrival.

Our partners always make sure to welcome the vol- unteers as well as possible in order to put them in the best conditions to start their project.

For each volunteer staying more than a month in Belgium, it is requested to participate in one of our preparation weekends.

This is an excellent way to meet the SVI team but also young Belgian people who are embark-ing on the adventure of volunteering.

We also regularly invite our volunteers from other countries to take part in the life of the SVI associa- tion: our dinners, our evenings with young people, our events organized by the SVI volunteers, etc.

Volunteers are an integral part of our association and as such are invited to all our activities.

Regular evaluations will be carried out informally but also more formally with the incoming project coordi- nator and the local partner. These evaluations will be forwarded to the sending associations.

Important things to know

1- Visa

European citizens only need a national identity card or a passport.

Non-European citizen may need a visa. The visa must be requested at the embassy or Belgian consulate of the country where you live.

If there is no embassy or Belgian consulate in the country where you live, you should contact the Bel- gian Embassy, which is responsible for your country. This one is usually located in a neighboring country.

The procedure for visa application can sometimes take a long time.

Therefore, you must apply for a visa at least four weeks before departure.

(http://diplomatie.belgium.be/fr/Services/venir_en_ belgique/visa_pour_la_belgique)

If you need an invitation letter, you can contact us at


In order to send you a letter of invitation, we need the following information: