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CYA/LTV02 CAMBOYA - Education and culture 01/10/2021 01/10/2022


CYA - Learning Center (CLC) is located in the
remote area of Kampot province. It takes about 2
hours 30 minutes from Phnom Penh. The
increasing number of students dropped off school
is our big concern that need immediate action,
Precious local culture is losing follow the
globalization therefore, we are going to work with
local people to preserve and protect these culture
heritages. CLC is a project operating by CYA and
it started since 2014 to; (1) promote higher
education among local children and teenagers, (2)
To preserve and protect local culture heritage, and
(3) to improve the living condition of local people. WORK
Volunteers applying for working with CLC project as a LTV will gain a great
experience of working with various group of people from different part of the
world (CLC hosts about 150 In'tl volunteers each year) and exploring the local
life in Cambodia while performing different tasks as follow:

Teaching English and non -
formal education to students
at CLC

Supporting CLC project manager to
develop and initiate new programs for
its students to better learning

Work with CLC staff and other
volunteers on perma - culture
(farming) project.

Creating new items of handicraft project
and organizing workshops to train local
people to work on it

1. Have a strong motivation to work in team as a team player or leader.
2. Be able to communicate in English (listening, reading, speaking and writing)
3. Believe in volunteering work changes people lives

Volunteers will stay at volunteer's house in the
center and Food will be provided by local chef.


All CYA Long & Mid- Term Volunteers are recommended to
flight to Phnom Penh International Airport for the on arrival
Training & orientation. CLC is located at Kampot province


Volunteers are expected to arrive on Friday of the 1st
week each month and get to CYA's office by themselves.

The Participation Fee is
400 USD per month and it's non - refundable therefore, we would like to ask
volunteers to consider them while applying for the project.

All nationalities need to apply for a travel visa. On arrival visa can be arranged which
is valid for 30 days. These visas are issued at Phnom Penh International Airport, Siem
Reap International Airport, and the International Border Checkpoints. The Cambodian
visa can also be granted at any Royal Cambodian Embassy or Consulate abroad. The
visa fee for tourists is currently USD30 (subject to change) and the fee for a business
visa is USD35 (subject to change). Visas are able to be extended at the Immigration
Department in Phnom Penh City. The Royal Government of Cambodia has recently
approved E-Visas which valid for a 30 day stay, is available for tourists only and for a
single entry. Currently it is not available for residents of specific countries including
Iran, Iraq, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Saudi Arabia, Sudan and Sri Lanka.
The tourist (T) and business (E) visas can be extended at

the Immigration Department, National Police. The
Diplomatic (A), Official (B) and Courtesy (C) visas can be
extended at the Consular Department, Ministry of Foreign
Note that a tourist visa can be extended only once for up
to 1 month (single entry). A business visa can be
extended for: One month (single entry), Three months
(single entry), Six months (multiple entry), 12 months
(multiple entry)
Those who overstay their Visa will be subject to fines of
USD5 per day. The Visa application is available from the
Ministry of Tourism Cambodia’s official website: