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VINLMTV10G – Promotional Volunteer
The western nations has a long and well established history of volunteerism. The concept
of volunteerism evolved in Europe in an institutionalized form after the series of war,
devastating world wars. The people united together and helped each other to rise after the
devastation of war. The volunteerism is deep rooted in our religion and culture in the
oriental country like Nepal but yet to be institutionalized like in the west. Paati-pauwa,
Dharmashala were the ancient practices of volunteerism inNepal.
In the western country Volunteerism is an essential part of life and is crucial in individual’s
career. We seek volunteer who is motivated to promote volunteerism in Nepal. The
volunteer will visit various communities, universities, schools, colleges and orient students,
teachers on the importance of volunteerism to help people in need.

Your Role
• Find universities colleges of social work, socialscience.
• Create presentations and information materials with the best practices of
volunteerism in human civilization.
• Give presentationsto community people,students, teachers on the importance and need
of volunteerism.
• To promote Long-midterm project, work camp projects among the universities, colleges.


The program fee includes accommodation
and food for the duration of your
volunteering or internship.
VIN has a hostel which can accommodate
up to 35 people, with up to five bunk beds
per room.
During the volunteer induction, volunteers
will share these rooms.
If the hostel is unavailable, VIN organises
accommodation close-by in a hotel or
different hostel.
During your stay at the host family or
monastery/nunnery your sleeping arrangements may be private to shared.
Bathroom and toilet facilities are shared with your host family or monks/ nuns.
Hygiene standards vary from family to family/place to place. Sometimes it might be
very basic and hot water might only be available sometimes.
We kindly ask volunteers to be flexible and be prepared to cope with non-western
In regards to food, volunteers will receive three meals a day, in Nepali standard.
The main dishes are rice based and daal bhat (lentil soup and rice), vegetables and
curries are staple foods.
Nepalese people rarely eat meat or fish and have a mainly vegetarian diet.
Eating bread is also uncommon.
If you wish to supplement your foods with more variety (such as types of vegetables,
eggs or fruits) then the cost lies with you but host families are happy to prepare the
extra food items for you.
In the host families and monasteries/ nunnery you will share their food and please
inform us if have any specific allergies or dietary requirements.


4 weeks €555 €615
5 weeks €630 €700
6 weeks €705 €785
7 weeks €780 €870
8 weeks €855 €955

For each extra week
after that

€75 €85

Please note that:

The Four Weeks Volunteer & Travel Tour fee is €815.
The Five Weeks Volunteer & Trekking Tour fee is €1.295.
If a volunteer chooses to do more than one placement, then an additional fee of
€70 needs to be paid.

VIN is a non-profit organization which doesn’t receive government funding and
relies on volunteer fees in order to facilitate the programs.

Day of Arrival
We ask volunteers to send us the flight details as soon as possible so that we can
arrange the airport pick up.
One of VIN’s staff members will wait at the airport for pick up and then bring you to
VIN’s hostel.

VIN’s inductions start every 1st and 15th day of the month.
The induction period is part of your placement and it will provide essential information
about VIN, the project, our culture and customs.
So please arrive one day BEFORE to the induction date.
The induction will last 2 to 3 full days (accommodation and food is provided) and includes
the following topics: