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SCI IVS-MTV-L REINO UNIDO Cuthil Brae, Stirling FK9 4UT Disabilities 01/08/2022 01/08/2023

Camphill Blair Drummond

in Great Britain, hosted by IVS GB

Theme: Disabilities

Location:Cuthil Brae, Stirling FK9 4UT

Duration:12 months. Next vacancies: August 2022. Please apply by April 2022 at the latest.

Vacancies :5

Languages:English English

Project Description:

We provide residential care for 45 residents and up to 35 day attenders with a wide range of special needs, Care therapy and creative activities are integrated. Relationships and social interaction, based on mutual care and respect, promote health development and resilience along with physi-cal and emotional wellbe- ing.Our residents live in 7 house communities. Each house accommodates ei-ther 6 or 7 residents, house co coordinator, support staff and 2 volunteers support residents within the house.

Work: The main responsibilities for volunteers is to offer support and encourage- ment to our residents within the house with household tasks and encour-agement to participate in meaningful activities within our daily creative ac-tivities to en- able them to reach their full potential. As a new volunteer coworker you will be given a full induction into life in our community, the house you will join and to the activities you participate in. You will have a mentor who will help you to establish successful relationships and under-stand what expectations to have for the individual and how to develop each persons potential. You will be joining a vibrant, rural community which remains relevant, where everyone is valued and

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respected and has the opportunity to reach their full potential. Requirements: We would be interested in someone who is interested in enabling people reach their full potential, ideally interested in social care and support. Who is willing to learn and be part of a team, is flexible and able to adapt to different situations. Able to communicate in English
Food: All food is provided. There is a volunteer social room and kitchen where you can prepare and cook a meal for yourself on days off
Accommodation: We provide all living accommodation and full board either within one of our family homes or in a room within the Scottish Castle which is central to our community. Our rooms are single o9r large shared rooms. All bathrooms are shared
Pocket money: 50 GBP per week
Insurance: Only applicable for people living outside the CTA, as part of your Tier 5 visa you will also need to pay a health surcharge if you are staying for more than 6 months- usually GBP400. If you are staying for less than 6 months, there is usually no cost.
Fees: None
Visa: If you are from outside the CTA you will need to pay for your Tier 5 visa - GBP244. IVS will apply for this for you if you are successful at interview. Others: –