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SCI IVS-MTV-K REINO UNIDO Hertfordshire, England Ideology and spirituality 01/08/2021 01/08/2022

All Nations Christian College

in Great Britain, hosted by IVS GB

Theme: Ideology and spirituality

Location:Hertfordshire, England

Duration: 10 to 12 months.


Languages:English English

Project Description:

All Nations Christian College is a mission training college seeking to train and equip men and women for Christian ministry in all parts of the world.

Every year All Nations Christian College welcomes volunteers to assist in various departments around the College. The two main departments where a volun- teer assists are in the Housekeeping and the Catering departments. Volunteers may also have the opportunity to work on the College Premises including daily groundwork.

Work: Usually the volunteers at the College assist 6 hours per day, 5 days per week and have either two whole days off (not necessarily consecutive as they may be required to work a Saturday morning and receive a morning off elsewhere in the week).

Housekeeping work involves cleaning rooms, arranging meeting areas, serving tea/coffee and ensuring that the Colleges service standards are maintained for students and guests throughout the year. Volunteers working in the kitchen assist the chefs with day to day chores such as cooking and cleaning. Requirements: Intermediate level of English. No particular skills required:

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reliable volunteers with strong work ethics.
Food: The volunteers will be provided with free meals which the College kitchen staff prepare for breakfast, lunch, dinner and supper. Refreshments are also provided during coffee/tea breaks. Different options available (specific diet or intolerance).
Accommodation: The volunteers will either be in a single room or a double twin room depending on the accommodation available. The rooms will be on a shared corridor with other female or male students or volunteers. Each room offers a single bed/sink/wardrobes/desk.
Pocket money: None
Insurance: If a visa is required: as part of your Tier 5 visa you will also need to pay a health surcharge (NHS) if you are staying for more than 6 months. This is usually GBP400.
Fees: None
Visa: If you are required to apply for a visa to volunteer in the UK IVS will provide a certificate of sponsorship, if successful at interview stage. Please be aware that you will need to cover the cost for the visa yourself - GBP244. Others: The volunteers make up a very important part of the College community where they have an opportunity to learn new skills and become involved in the community through interaction with students, staff and other volunteers.

Please note that although the College doesnt provide volunteers with pocket money, it will however reimburse any expenses made for any College-related busi- ness. https://www.allnations.ac.uk/volunteer-all-nations.