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Sturts Community Trust

in Great Britain, hosted by IVS GB


Location:Dorset, England




Languages:English English


Project Description:

We are a Camphill Community that is in the process of transforming but also continues to live as a vocational life-sharing community. A Social Enterprise based around a Biodynamic Farm/Garden and an inclusive Co-Housing Com- munity life-sharing alongside adults with learning difficulties. Our work focuses on caring for our farm and co-producing with those whom we support. We are socially engaged with one another throughout the day including celebrating fes- tivals together. Offering placements to both local and international volunteers in order to foster international understanding.

Work: TYPICAL WEEK: 6 days engaging in community life; 1 rest day free af- ternoon before and free morning after = 48hr break Includes either free morning or evening + 3/4 sleep-in weekly If we need to respond to unexpected gaps we will adjust week so flexibility and goodwill appreciated.

VOLUNTEER PROFILE: People who are seeking self-development; interested in ecology; interested in social issues; interested in alternative life-styles; willing to learn; have a good sense of humor; willing to step up and help by being flexible and kind. Must enjoy living alongside persons with Learning difficulties; be a reliable and supportive team member.

Requirements: VISA POLICE CHECK AGE 19+ Food: Own room in shared accommodation.

Version: April 10, 2021 1


Accommodation: Household cook and eat together + community shared meals and festive suppers.
Pocket money: 55 GBP per week
Insurance: If you are from outside the Common Travel Area (CTA) staying for more than 6 months: Health Surcharge is usually GBP400. Sturts will refund the health charge of visa application conditional on satisfactory completion of initial 3 month review.

Fees: None
Visa: If you are from outside the Common Travel Area (CTA) you will need to pay for your Tier 5 visa - GBP244. IVS will provide a Certificate of Sponsor- ship/Letter if you are successful following up the interview.
Others: You will be asked to fill in an application form and send a photo- graph. You should also ask two refences to fill in a reference form, then do a telephone/Skype interview.