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Camphill Newton Dee

in Great Britain, hosted by IVS GB

Theme: Disabilities


Duration:12 months (6 months also considered). August start preferred.


Languages:English English

Project Description:

Newton Dee Community is one of 11 centres established in England and Scotland by the Camphill Village Trust to provide home life, meaningful work, opportu- nities for personal growth, friendship, social interaction, education, training and cultural and spiritual inspiration for adults with learning disabilities and other special needs.

Work: Helping out whenever needed in houses, workshops, farms and gardens.Co- workers work to enable those with special needs to fulfil their potential. That means providing support at home, at work in our gardens, farms and craft work- shops, and by involvement in our social, cultural and educational activities. The work isnt simply care. The individuals with special needs who live in our Com- munity are able to do much for themselves. The role of co-workers is as enablers. Co-workers create an environment that helps those with special needs to accom- plish much in their lives, which might otherwise be difficult or impossible. One day off per week, 21 days holiday if staying for one year.

Requirements: Somebody who would be willing to involve themselves with all aspects of life. Willingness to learn, openness to other spiritual ways. Should

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speak English well enough to hold a conversation.
Food: All food is provided by the community. We grow much of our own food on our bio-dynamic farms. We are happy to support most dietary requirements, but please remember that you may be asked to cook for others who may not share your dietary needs.
Accommodation: You will always have your own private room.
Pocket money: 175 GBP per month
Insurance: If you are from outside the Common Travel Area (CTA) you will need to pay for health surcharge (NHS) if you are staying for more than 6 months: this is usually GBP400. You will also need to register with the local Medical Prac- tice upon arrival.
Fees: None
Visa: IVS will issue a certificate of sponsorship for anyone living outside the Common Travel Area (CTA) and who requires an entry visa: you will need to pay for your Tier 5 visa - GBP244.
Others: Applicants need to complete a specific application form, please ask for a copy from IVS. Interviews will be held by Skype. Cultural factor to be considered - anthroposophical background, the volunteer would require openess to experi- ence this. The duration of the position would be for one year. Age Limit: 18-40 years old. Training offered: first aid, moving and handling, first year foundation course