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SCI IVS-MTV-D REINO UNIDO Dunkeld, Scotland Disabilities 01/08/2021 01/08/2022

Camphill Corbenic

Theme: Disabilities

Location:Dunkeld, Scotland

Duration: 6-12 months preferred commitment time.

Application:Decision will be made after skype interview


Languages:English English


Project Description:

The volunteer will be caring for and working alongside adults with learning dis- abilities. This is a community for adults with learning disabilities consisting of five households and a variety of workshops.

Work: Living and sharing house with adults with learning disabilities. Help- ing with personal care, housework, working in one of our workshops; garden, estate, farm, craft, candles, bakery and woodwork. 2 days off per week. Addi- tional 15 days of vacation per year.

Requirements: We are looking for volunteers who are able to share living spaces, flexible in working times and who speaks good English, interested in people, willing to learn and who takes the initiative.
Food: The volunteers would eat in the house with the other volunteers and resi- dents. Organic food where possible, own bakery provides bread. Eating together in the households.

Accommodation: The volunteers would stay in the community. Most will have their own room, but occasionally they may be required to share with another volunteer.
Pocket money: 165 GBP per month

Insurance: Vols from outside the Common Travel Area (CTA), as part of your Tier 5 visa, you need to pay a health surcharge if you are staying for more than 6

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months, usually GBP400. Volunteers will register with our local doctors practice soon after arrival.
Fees: None
Visa: Only applicable for people living outside the CTA, as part of your Tier 5 visa you will also need to pay a health surcharge if you are staying for more than 6 months- usually GBP400. If you are staying for less than 6 months, there is usually no cost.

Others: The successful volunteer will be required to supply two references (forms supplied). A police check is also required. Volunteer will need to complete a Cor- benic application form and supply a photograph.

The Community celebrates Christian festivals so volunteers would need to be willing to accompany residents in celebration or church visits.

Interviews will be held via Skype.
Introductory training courses are offered in various subjects.