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WF MTV - 01.2 ISLANDIA Stodvarfjordur Camp Leader Environmental Educational 27/08/2021 19/11/2021

 Iceland: Workcamp leader in the east of Icel WF MTV - 01.2 

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 27/08/2021 - 19/11/2021 

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Camp Leader





The workcamp leaders will work as a team under the supervision of the project manager of the organization. They will be involved in preparing, organizing, running and evaluating nature-oriented, educational and environmental protection projects in Iceland. Those projects are organized with international volunteers and usually last for 10 – 14 days. In each group there are one or two leaders from the organization. At the end of each camp the project coordinator will be expected to produce an evaluation of the projects and their results. At the beginning of the stay here, they will receive qualified training from the organisation members. This training will capacitate them to perform the projects´ activities, which vary between cleaning beaches, planting trees and different kinds of environmental-related tasks to taking care of environmental awareness campaigns. At the same time, will receive guidance in how to plan, organize and lead the projects, including topics as group management, conflict resolution, bookkeeping, development, leader roles, intercultural cooperation, motivation, etc. They will also receive practical information about planning a project, spare time activities, first aid, etc.

Accomodation and food

During the workcamps the leaders will share a double and quadruple rooms in a house offering basic facilities. Beds are provided, however volunteers should bring their own warm sleeping bags. Food is provided and everyone is expected to do their fair share of the cooking and cleaning. Since it is always nice to try new and different dishes, volunteers are encouraged to bring along their favorite recipes from home! There is internet connection available in all houses.

Location and leisure

Stodvarfjordur: Scoured by Ice Age glaciers, the dramatic east coast boasts long, narrow fjords with steep sides and jagged peaks which contrast with inland fertile farmlands. Natural harbours depict postcard-like fishing villages and seemingly never-ending roads cross the region, providing beautiful views. “Fjarðabyggð" is an association of villages in the Eastern fjords of Iceland. It includes the towns of Eskifjörður, Fáskrúðsfjörður, Mjóifjörður, Neskaupstaður, Reyðarfjörður, Breiðdalsvík and Stöðvarfjörður, all tiny fishing villages with steep mountains towering just behind the houses. In this area you will see some of the features that make Iceland a unique place in the world: spectacular fjords with a rich sea life, a great variety of birdlife and countless breath-taking hiking paths. You will explore the area during your stay in the east.

Project hosted by

Worldwide Friends Iceland (WF) was founded in 2001 as a non-governmental, non-profit organisation promoting nature and peace-oriented activities among people interested in spending time in Iceland as volunteers. WF also sends Icelanders abroad who wish to have similar volunteer experiences elsewhere in the world. The main activities offered by WF Iceland are workcamps, exchange programs and educational seminars. Today the endeavour of attaining world peace has become a tangible possibility and the development and strengthening of bonds of cooperation and friendship through contact with people from other countries and cultures has proven to be one of the most fruitful means of achieving understanding and unity among nations. Worldwide friends main aim is to increase intercultural understanding through offering foreign volunteers the opportunity to take part in nature and peacerelated activities. For volunteers coming to Iceland, such projects will give them a unique opportunity not only to explore and directly interact with Iceland’s unique culture and landscape, but also to work with other international volunteers and local residents in challenging and unfamiliar contexts. This interaction between unspoiled nature and people from different backgrounds provides the participants with invaluable opportunities to learn more about themselves as individuals, their international fellows, other cultures and the human and natural richness of Mother Earth. These are all unique opportunities for building bonds of unity and understanding between societies around the world


Desired Profile: 22 years old +. Course of studies: People with education in the field of sustainability or environmental science. Driving license is required. Our leaders have to be positive and highly motivated to participate in group activities. Ability to organize on her/his own initiative. Time-management skills and ability to work under time pressure during high peaks of the season.

Organization Worldwide Friends Age 22 - 99 Age 
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