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IT-SCI 11.2 ITALIA Via Prato della Corte, 1602, Roma, Lazio, Italia Agriculture / Environment / Social 05/07/2021 15/07/2021

From The Ground To The Table: Agroecology In A Community

Camp code:

IT-SCI 11.2



Start Date:

05 Jul 2021

End Date:

15 Jul 2021


11: Climate and sustainable lifestyle

Work Types:

Agriculture / Environment / Social

Number of volunteers:


International age:

18 - 99

National age:

16 - 99

Required Language:


Spoken Language:


Child friendly camp

Yes (Minimum age: 0)


Description: Semi di Comunità is a collective farm, the first CSA (Community that Supports Agriculture) in Rome. Is a cooperative with more than 200 members. They own 5 hectares, half of which is forest, within the protected and natural area of the Park of Veio at the gates of Rome. They self-produce the food in their large garden, deciding beforehand what, how and how much to plant. Every week they divide in equal parts between the members, this practice allows them to minimize any food waste. The participation of the members to the agricultural activities on the fields is between the fundamental practices of their plan, allows them to transmit knowledge and work side by side, and forge bonds of friendship. Theirs is a small but significant step towards the food sovereignty of local communities.

Type of Work: Typically Roman summers are hot and rainy and to avoid the hottest hours the activities in the fields will be divided between the morning (7:00 - 11:00) and the afternoon (16:00 -18:00). (Sunday Rest).

Among the main activities:

All activities will be carried out alongside the members of the cooperative who participate weekly, in a spirit of sharing and conviviality exchange of knowledge and joy. Work in the fields requires physical effort, the ground is low and you have to bend to reach it.

Study Theme: The issue is certainly broad, but if we are to summarise it with a concept it is certainly the food sovereignty of a community of solidarity, respecting the environment:

Accommodation: Accommodation will be in a tent. Volunteers are invited to bring their own tent, max size 2 people, sleeping bag, mattress, front light, comfortable shoes and clothing, sun cream, hat and a towel. The area dedicated to tents is at the gates of the forest,protected from the heat of the day and dedicated to volunteers only. For the afternoon rest we have a hammock area under the pear trees. There are 3 solar showers, made by hand. It is important to use only bio-degradable and environmentally friendly soaps. There is a shared compost toilet with the rest of the members. 

Language: English

Requirements: It is mainly necessary to be adaptable and open in wanting to leave one’s comfort zone. As said, summer work in the fields is particularly tiring, but the working rhythms can be adapted to the needs of everyone :) 

Approximate Location: Via Prato della Corte, 1602, Roma, Lazio, Italia

Notes: In a separate area there is also a gas kitchen with pantry and dining area, shared with members of the cooperative. Lunches are always shared and prepared by turns by the members, while the preparation of breakfast and dinner is managed by the SCI volunteers. It is important to note that all the spaces are outdoor, except the compost toilet (obviously covered). There is telephone coverage, but depending on the operators works better or worse. There is no wifi network. 

Sunday is the day of rest when there will be no activities on the fields. For those who want you can visit the ancient Etruscan city of Veio, walk along the Via Francigena, which passes a few kilometers from our fields or organize a trip to the nearby lake of Bracciano.

Here is our website: https://www.semidicomunita.