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IT-SCI 11.1 ITALIA Collina dei Venti, Via della Macchia, Bracciano. Agriculture / Environment / Manual 04/07/2021 14/07/2021

Sustainable lifestyle and permaculture at Fattoria Fortebraccio 

Camp code:

IT-SCI 11.1



Start Date:

04 jul 2021

End Date:

14 jul 2021


11: Climate and sustainable lifestyle

Work Types:

Agriculture / Environment / Manual

Number of volunteers:


International age:

16 - 99

National age:

16 - 99

Required Language:


Spoken Language:

Francès, Italià

Motivation letter:

This camp requires an additional motivation letter to explain in more detail why you would like to attend.


Description: The Fortebraccio Farm is an agricultural project that links organically-run fruit and vegetable production to the development of social and work integration activities with training and rehabilitation courses, and educational and cultural initiatives. An educational farm and a opended meeting space, in the nature, connected to the world. The project is based on the involvement of local communities and citizens and embraces innovative production and marketing systems. There we inspire various ancient, renewed and updated methods such as synergistic agriculture, agroecology, permaculture, biodynamics and intensive organic agriculture that the founders have already been able to experience during their training cycle. 

Type of Work: The objectives of the camp are to try to achieve self-sufficiency by preparing bread and pasta and products processed by us (volunteers and us residents), as well as juices, biscuits, pies, yogurt and cheeses. Agricultural work on the rows: preparation of rows, weeding, collection of wild herbs to be transformed or sold; preparation of preserves, jams, compotes with garden products, tomato purée. Organization of an evening of pizza cooked in a wood oven with naturally leavened dough open to the local community with music.

Study Theme: Energy self-sufficiency and self-sufficiency on the farm. The importance of the producer network and rural relations. The need for self-production to resume manual skills, to know what to eat or what to wash with. Learn what an agroforestry system is. How to fully respect it and how to reproduce a balanced ecosystem for a vegetable garden cultivated in an organic and regenerative way, through a mixture of techniques: bio-intensive vegetable garden, design in permaculture, agroecology and synergistic agriculture and biodynamic preparations. The whole experience will be a study part! :)

Accommodation: The accommodation will be very basic: The volunteers will sleep in tents in the orchard near the forest and the vegetable garden with an area equipped for a field kitchen. The volunteers will need to bring their own sleeping bag, mattresses, tent for sleeping alone, torches etc... There's 1 dry bath and 1 shower with hose for watering. Possibility of shelter in case of rain in houses still to be restored. No wifi, only natural connections in the forest, but there is telephone coverage avaliable.

Language: English

Requirements: Volunteers are required to adapt to a camping life in the Macchia di Bracciano woods, work is contraindicated for people allergic to dust, not physically trained in manual labor. We recommend comfortable clothing for work, trekking, boots and trousers, kway in case of rain. Use of natural detergents and soaps. 

Approximate Location: Collina dei Venti, Via della Macchia, Bracciano. RM 4 km from Vigna di Valle, and 7 km from Bracciano, in the province of Rome.

Notes: The diet will be mostly vegetarian vegan. If you have special requests, it is not possible for us to provide, so get everything you need for such an experience! Otherwise, go for it and you will not regret it.

Opportunities for leisure time are Lake Bracciano (bring your swimsuit) or to visit Rome.