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EST T2 ESTONIA NOVA TEEN/ ENVI 07/07/2021 18/07/2021

EST T2 MENS SANA IN CORPORE SANO 2 NOVA 07.07 - 18.07 TEEN/ ENVI 20 int + 10 loc

This camp is organized for teenagers by youth sport club Lukas-Basket which has been running national youth camps for 20 years and
International ones for the past 10 years. International teenage camps will be hosted on seaside in the West of Estonia in Laanemaa
County in the municipality of Nova. Beautiful nature, numerous historical places, 200 years long tradition of health resort, unique cultural
events are the treasures of the County. Nova with warm sea, white sand, mushroom and berry crops, picturesque lakes, cobble stone
road and many places of interest is ideal place for leisure. The aim of Nova camp is to give young people possibility to have active, healthy
and meaningful summer vacations with different sport adventures, to enjoy unspoiled nature and to learn to live in harmony with it, also
to explore and realize their own capacities and limits. The program will include water activities, sport and ball games, eco-hikes, bicycle
trips to places of interest, horse riding, fishing, rowing, sailing with Viking boats, acquaintance with local culture and many other exciting
things. Mens sana in corpore sano (Healthy Spirit in Healthy Body) – this is the message of the camp! Besides all this, camp gives
possibility for intensive contacts between local youth and their peers from abroad, showing youngsters the diversity of world cultures,
broadening their horizons and encouraging active communication through games and creative activities. Finally, there will be some
voluntary work for nature protection and to support local community.
The area of the camp is about 3 hectares and it can host over 70 youngsters on one shift. The age of local participants is 10-18. Local
teenagers are mainly Russian-speaking of minority communities of Estonia. Videos from past camps are available here
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZV4WZ61ZxyI , https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nwTAJF6pIGs&feature=youtu.be
There are diverse activities in the camp program: windsurfing, canoeing, sailing with Viking boats, running scooters, paintball in the
forest, sport games - football, rugby, volleyball, athletics, self-defense training, different competitions, guided eco-hikes, forest cross,
sport orientation in the forest on and on sea (navigation), fishing, bicycle trips to explore the area, table tennis, petanque, frisbee, disc-
golf, trampolines, visit to the horse farm and horse riding, excursion to Keila waterfall and historical places of interest in the area, active
games and adventure trail in Roosta Adventure Park, picnics on a seaside, evening of Estonian national dances and food, building sand
and stones castles on the beach, Estonian sauna party, night cinema in open air theatre, etc. In addition, there will be creative workshops
on decoupage, soap-making, wooden handicrafts and Estonian folk dances. Bikes are available for the whole camp duration free of
There will be some voluntary work such as painting of community buildings, making wooden toys and games for local orphanage,
repairing benches and tables, cleaning local beach and old seaport from garbage, planting trees, cleaning old cemetery, little renovation
works in the local school, clearing pavement, helping seniors living in the community with some household duties, berries and herbs
picking to give the crop to the orphanage and seniors home, duty in a kitchen and around the camp once in a shift, etc. The work will be
organised in cooperation with local forestry department, municipality of Nova and local school. Please note that the work described
above is planned for the whole summer and it may change from one shift to another depending on local needs, the season and actual
weather conditions.
In small wooden huts located nearby to the local school and seaside (500m away). There are beds and mattresses but please bring your
sleeping bag. Showers, toilets are available in the school and there will be additional bio-toilets set on camping site. You will also try
traditional Estonian sauna one day.
Three times a day. There are water machines with cold water in the school complex. Catering takes place in the school´s mess hall or into
the lager tent outside near the mess. Meals are cooked by professional cooks. However, participants will be asked to help cleaning.
Medical Aid
Camp staff members have medical certificates and are able to provide first aid. And there is a car on call 24/7 which goes to the nearest
hospital, which is 40km away, in more serious case of any emergency.
Nova is one of 11 municipalities of Laanemaa with about 400 inhabitants, located on the seaside 90 km west from capital of Estonia
Tallinn and 40 km north from Haapsalu, famous spa town with many historic and cultural sites. More information on
www.novavald.ee/index.php/1 The camp is located on Nova basic School´s territory (www.nova.edu.ee)

Surroundings and camp´s infrastructure
Sports hall
Table tennis
Wooden houses
Information centre
Refreshments stall with water coolers
Gym equipment for fitness exercises on school´s territory
Football field
Basketball court on the school´s territory
Volleyball court on the beach
4 lakes within 4 km from the camp side
2 sand beaches in the distance from 0,5-7 km
Forest Management Centre wooden tents with table and grill for picnic near the beach
Grocery store 0,5 km away
Hiking paths marked by Forest Department
Terminal and arrivals/ departure
Airport, bus station, harbor in Tallinn; specially arranged bus to Nova. Although pick up on arrival to Tallinn is possible at additional fee, it
is not really needed since the meeting point (sport club gym) is located just 1km from the airport https://goo.gl/maps/VSCkMgtorvw and
can be easily reached by tram from the airport (3 stops).
On arrival day there is an excursion in Tallinn, dinner, accommodation in Tallinn with lodging for the night at the gym of the sport club.
Showers and WC are in the facility of the gym. On the next day there is a breakfast at 8 am and departure to camp site. On the last day of
the camp there is a breakfast and departure at 11:30 am from the camp with the arrival to Tallinn airport by 13:30. If your departure is
scheduled to an earlier hour a special transfer from the camp to the airport can be booked at additional fee. In case of earlier arrival or
later departure accommodation in hostel can be booked upon request.
Special requirements
Participants have to be sporty (e.g. be ready to run up to 3 km, bike up to 25 km), independent enough, curious and interested in active
life style. Please inform us beforehand about allergies, dietary requirements you have or others prescriptions from your doctor. Please
bring sleeping bag and mat, wind and waterproof clothes, goods shoes, warm and summer clothes. It's desirable to take thermal
underwear. It is advisable to take tick vaccination before coming. Generally, age of participants is 14-18, however exceptions are
possible. NB! Smoking, drinking alcohol, using drugs is absolutely prohibited in the camp! This policy will be followed strictly! Thus, if
you cannot quit smoking for a while perhaps it is better not to come. Camp common language is English. Local languages are Estonian
and Russian.
Participation fee
Unlike the “normal” camp there will be not too much of work here. Nevertheless, participants will be provided with board, lodging, local
transportation and all equipment necessary to realize camp program. Besides, program involves a lot of extra costs for excursions, trips
out, visits, sport activities, equipment, materials and general administration and leadership. Since neither EstYES nor its local camp
partner, does not receive financial support for this camp from municipality or private sources, to realize this camp we have to charge
participation fee of 360 Euro, which covers all camp and program costs including transfer from Tallinn to and from the camp, and
which has to be paid by bank transfer before the camp or by participants upon arrival to the camp. The bank details will be provided
after the acceptance of the participant to the camp.

General Program

1 day Arrival to Tallinn. Meeting point at address: Pae 1, Pae Spordikompleks

Excursion in Tallinn at 17.00 (NB! Participants who arrive after this time on the meeting point may not
be able to take part in excursion), dinner nearby, accommodation in Tallinn - lodging for the night and
placement at the gym.
2 day 8.00-Breakfast

08.30 Departure to Nova camp, on the way - visit to waterfall Keila-Joa and the Manor House
11.00 arrival to Nova camp
11.00-11.45 accommodation and assembly
12.00-14.00 sports competitions
14.00-15.00 lunch
15.30-19.00 sports and social activities
19.00-20.00 dinner
20.15-22.00 leader´s time - play to explore
22.00-23.00 free time
23.00 time to sleep
3 day-11 day 07.30 waking up

08.00–8.30 gymnastics on the seaside
09.00–10.00 breakfast
10.00–10.10 assembly
10.10–11.00 free time (table tennis, badminton, athletics, archery, darts, fishing, etc. by wish)
11.00–13.00 trainings (volleyball, rugby union, paintball, sports competitions, self-defense training,
windsurfing, football, basketball, orienteering, bicycle trip, eco-hiking, swimming on the beach - one of
those every day)
13.00–14.00 free time (table tennis, badminton, athletics, fishing, etc. according to wish)
14.00–15.00 lunch
15.30–19.00 sports and social activities (going with canoe, boats and Viking boats, visit the horse farm
and riding, swimming on the beach, visit the museum of nature and ethnography, volunteer´s work,
fishing, planting the memory tree, lessons of labor-netting bands, making brooches and amulets of
wood, wood- and leather-working, decoupage, soap-making), going with ATV, Estonian sauna in the
forest, etc.
19.00–20.00 dinner
20.15–22.00 relay race, fanny competitions, amusements, evening´s cinema-village cinema, folk games,
Estonian folklore evening-folklore group´s performance, songs and dance together, group leader´s time
22.00–23.00 free time
23.00 time to sleep
12 day breakfast

11.30 transfer from Nova to Tallinn
13:30 Tallinn and transfer to railway station, airport or bus station