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EST T7 ESTONIA TARTU TEEN/ MANU 25/07/2021 08/08/2021

EST T7 TARTU TEENAGE CAMP TARTU 25.07 – 08.08 TEEN/ MANU 12 int + 10 loc
The project is organized by Tartu Youth Work Center. Its mission is to create an inspiring and educational environment for youth
of Tartu, to promote life-long learning, healthy life style and youth personal development. This projects aim is to introduce the
diversity of world cultures and promote voluntary work to the youth and contribute to the development of local community.
International work camp participants will join local youth to work together for the benefit of the local community and to have
leisure activities and intercultural learning experience together. The camp gives possibility for intensive contact between local
youth and their peers from abroad, showing youngsters the diversity of world cultures, broadening their mind and encouraging
active communication through games and creative activities.
Each day of the camp will consist of voluntary work for the benefit of the local community and intercultural learning activities.
Before lunch participants will do light voluntary work in the different institutions in Tartu: Anne, Ilmatsalu and Lille Youth Center,
parks etc. The work is very various like painting some walls and fences, doing little renovation jobs, cleaning local area,
gardening, etc. Some work will be outdoors, some indoors. Participants will be split into smaller groups for work. Also, they will
help organize events and activities for local kids and youth.
Every day after work camp participants will take part group activities run by group leaders or volunteers. There will be fun
leisure activities and visits to interesting places in Tartu and nearby places. Weekends are off from work. Longer trips to visit
national parks and places outside of Tartu will take place then. Every evening there will be one nation presentation with its
culture, traditions, languages, music, songs, cuisine organized by the participants themselves. On 6-7 of august there will be big
youth camps gathering in Elva. Many youth work camps that are taken place in Tartu County will come together (around 300
participants). There will be lots of activities, games, etc. and party.
Participants will stay in Anne Youth Center. Mattresses, pillows and sleeping bags will be provided but please bring your towels.
Group leader will stay with participants in the Youth Center. Participants will get meal three times per day (breakfast, lunch and
dinner) according their dietary requirements. Anne Youth Center is located close to the city center area of Tartu. It has big
garden and open youth center area to spend free time. Nice sandy lakeshore area is about 200m from the accommodation.
The camp will take place in the town of Tartu, the second largest city of Estonia., also known as the city of youth or university
town of Estonia. It lies 180 kilometers from Tallinn (the capital of Estonia). The city stands on lakeshore of famous Emajõgi
(Mother river). There are many naturally beautiful places very close to Tartu that will be visited with all participants. In the city
there are many shopping malls, cafes, cinemas, leisure time activities, waterpark, river, playgrounds etc. There is always plenty
things to do in Tartu for all kinds of interests. Many trips to outside of Tartu will be organized for the participants in the evenings
and weekends. More info about Tartu: https://visittartu.com and about Estonia: http://www.visitestonia.com/en
Airport, harbor, bus station in Tallinn; bus or train to Tartu, from there camp leader will pick up international participants.
Special requirements
No special skills are needed. Tools for the work will be provided. Please bring your own towel, working clothes and gloves. The
camp language is English. The age of participants is 14 – 17. As you will be requested to make your country presentation, we ask
you to bring some materials: postcards or posters, symbols of your country or region, music or popular national games, food etc
that is typical for your country or region. You will be encouraged to share your hobbies, special skills and interest with other
camp participants and local youngsters. NB! Smoking and drinking alcohol are absolutely and strictly prohibited in this camp!
Leisure time
Tartu is know as the city of youth. So there is a lot to do for youth specialy during summer time. For the participants there will
be organised activities every day after lunch or/and in the evenings. There are several sport fields, and paygrounds, shopping
centers, cafes, museums, lakeshore, river. Swimming place with nice sandy beach is 200m from the accommodation.
Participants can spend free time in youth center, where there are plenty fun activities like playstation, boardgames, pool, table
tennis etc. Center has big garden and lots of space for outdoor activities. Basketball court is right outside the center. There are
also bikes and electric scooters in the center that all participants are free to use to explore the city or nearby places. Optionally,
participants will be able to visit SPA-center in Tartu, Science center AHHAA, adventure parks, paddling, boatrides on lake etc.
Participation fee
Due to lack of financial support for the project from local community the participation fee of 280 Euro is requested. It covers
acoommodation, food, diverse leisure time activities as well as administrative and pedagogical costs. This fee is different from
sending organization’s fee paid at home, and it has to be paid by volunteers by bank transfer before the beginning of the
camp. Please ask your sending organisation for our bank details.