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SJ/TEEN24 FRANCIA La Ferté Alais is approximately 50km south of Paris, in the Essonne region. CONS,ENVI 10/07/2021 24/07/2021

The start of a international and ecological village 1 | SJ/TEEN24 | 2021-07-10 - 2021-07-24 | CONS,ENVI | Age: 15 - 17


Vir Volt stands for InteRnational VolunTeer Village (in French). Since 10 years, the organisation is located right in the middle of nature, near a regional park. Hosting youth from all around the world, learning how to understand and appreciate differences. To plan and act together to protect the environment. To create a positive impact on the surrounding environment and people living there or simply passing by. Here lie our goals for this future village, which each year, is built thanks to youths who come and contribute, with solidarity as their driving force. Vir Volt also aims to become fully eco friendly and sustainable which is reflected in our campsite ; yurts and teepees as rooms, permaculture farming and gardening, water saving projects, reducing and reusing waste. This small village will become great without sacrificing or damaging the surrounding environment whilst always searching better and more eco friendly ways of living.

Work: During this workcamp, you will be in various work projects on-site as well as in the local town alongside local and international volunteers. - 2 New yourts will be installed on-site to be able to host more people! You will help in the construction of the yurts. (Simple woodworking) - In La Ferté-Alais, the former swimming pool is becoming a dedicated youth space. You will help in the refurbishment of the interior walls. (Painting and simple masonry) - Near our village (La Ferté-Alais), an ecological museum is being built. Ancient and traditional farming tools are in need of preserving to be exposed and teach future generations how land used to be cultivated using only human energy. (Renovation) - Inside the workcamp, we are creating small areas with many purposes. Reading, talking, relaxing, planting flowers… With your involvement, you can leave a meaningful and traceable mark by building furniture using recycled wood pallets. (Simple woodworking, construction)

Accomodation and food: You will sleep in collective tents (yurts, tepees) on the campsite of the association. Please bring a sleeping bag with you. The campsite has separate bathrooms and showers, as well as a kitchen place. Food will be provided and cooked by the volunteers in turns.

Location: La Ferté Alais is approximately 50km south of Paris, in the Essonne region.

Location and Leisure: You will have the chance to enjoy the associations campsite and to discover the cultural and natural heritage of the region which is part of a natural park. You will also help organise some activities in order to meet and socialize with local young people. Other leisure activities will be organised collectively depending on the wishes of the group and the available budget.

Train/Bus station: La Ferté Alais RER station.


Language: eng,fra

Extra Fee: 200 EUR