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SJ/FAM58 FRANCIA Laguépie village, in Aveyron gorges, 100 km to the North-East of Toulouse, between Albi and Villefranche-de-Rouergue. RENO,CONS,SOCI 07/08/2021 15/08/2021

Let s sprinkle little stones in family | SJ/FAM58 | 2021-08-07 - 2021-08-15 | RENO,CONS,SOCI | Age: 5 - 100


Come join us in a great project from the Citrus organization and participate to the renovation of the future international host center in Laguépie. For more than ten years, teenagers from around the globe have succeeded each other to build, renovate, conceive and shape a big project. In order to build an international host center for international volunteers in Citrus, come discover, learn and share building techniques in the spirit of working together. Since 2012, it is in the hamlet of the Mayounelle, on the hills above Laguépie, that are located the three buildings of Citrus organization : the offices, the barn and the ancient farm house in stone, all surrounded by green fields, with a great view of the village of Laguépie. Accompanied by dynamic facilitators, you will share working hours, but also many moments of intercultural exchange, as well as meals with the team and other volunteers, welcomed on the camp place.

Work: You will participate in the site layout by making your own contribution to Citrus. Every support is available up to 5 years old. Thus, you will participate to a cobblestone activity surrounding the huge wind rose-shaped barbecue. First of all, you will notice the available space, then you will sort out and arrange the pebbles, depending of their shapes and colours, in order to create a wind rose shaped pattern. All these tasks will be punctuated by the harvest of seasonal vegetables and fruits, and the care of our hens. You will be accompanied by technical supervisors and educational facilitators. Five mornings a week, you will work in teams. The schedule will be arranged depending on the weather.

Accomodation and food: You will stay in a handmade house. You will have access to sanitary arrangements, a well-equipped kitchen, a big living room and a washing machine. You will sleep in a dormitory in a big room, 15 minutes by foot from the Citrus site, and 3 minutes from the heart of the village. Breakfasts will be served with the whole team on the Mayounelle site (teenagers, volunteers, internationals, workers…) Regarding dinners, they will be made by the families who will organize and prepare them in kitchen teams

Location: Laguépie village, in Aveyron gorges, 100 km to the North-East of Toulouse, between Albi and Villefranche-de-Rouergue.

Location and Leisure: In the heart of Aveyron gorges, you will enjoy the many possibilities that the Tarn-et-Garonne has to offer, either swimming in the Viaur river, since 2018, the visit of the medieval villages among the most beautiful in France, such as Cordes-sur-Ciel or Najac. Moreover, you can practise kayak in the Aveyron river in Saint-Antonin-Noble-Val or visit the cathedral of Albi, classified world UNESCO heritage. On the evening, you can organize some barbecue parties, international meals, quizzes, etc.

Train/Bus station: Laguépie (82250)

Requirements: Extra fee: 50€ under 10 years old and 100€ euros for 11 and up

Language: eng,fra

Extra Fee: 100 EUR