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CONCF-246 FRANCIA LAVERSINES RENO,ENVI 04/08/2021 18/08/2021

WASH HOUSE RENOVATION IN THE FOREST | CONCF-246 | 2021-08-04 - 2021-08-18 | RENO,ENVI | Age: 15 - 17


This is the 2nd project with the commune of Laversines, you will be awaited and warmly welcomed by the inhabitants. The members of the ARPE association are also looking forward to seeing you. They will share with you their experience and knowledge in the renovation of the historical heritage.

Work: In the heart of the small town of Laversines there is a pretty washhouse that needs some renovation. This work will be done in collaboration with the association ARPE (Association for the Renovation of the Heritage and the Beautification of Laversines) which works on the renovation of the washhouse since 2008 and has started to give back to the place its charm of yesteryear. The volunteers of the association notably rearranged the bed of the river and rebuilt the frame of the washhouse. The objective is now to renovate the masonry of the washhouse: repointing with lime mortar and laying bricks are to be done. The volunteer workcamp is part of the municipality project to set up year-round actions for the young people of the commune. You will have therefore many occasions to exchange with the inhabitants.

Accomodation and food: You will be accommodated in individual tents on the village football field. The sanitary facilities (separated women/men showers and toilets) will be at your disposal. You will also be able to use the building of the club for collective daily life as well as the kitchen of the club. You will share the various collective tasks and prepare meals all together.


Location and Leisure: Laversines is a small town of about 1100 inhabitants, located a few kilometers away from Beauvais, in the department of Oise, in the region Hauts-de-France. The washhouse is located in a small wood next to the village, on a river of the same name: the Laversines, whose source is nearby. Bicycles will be at your disposal so that you can move around and discover the surrounding landscapes. You will also have the chance to discover the rich historical heritage of the region by visiting some of its tourist places: Beauvais and its cathedral, the imperial palace of Compiègne, the Chantilly Castle and its forest. In addition, you may spend a day at the nautical complex of the Canada lake. Plus d’info : http://www.laversines.fr/ http://www.beauvais.fr/



Language: eng,fra

Extra Fee: 200 EUR

Remember to bring work clothes and shoes. For accommodation in tents, bring your sleeping bag and a camping mat. Tents are provided. Don t forget your swimsuit, for the eventual nautical activities. You can also bring food specialties, photos, musical instruments: whatever you like and want to share on this workcamp, either with the local population or with the group of volunteers! Foreigners belonging to the European Union must bring with them a personal EHIC (European Health Insurance Card), and everybody must, in any case, bring their insurance certificate. If health issues happen on the project, volunteers will have to pay for them, and will then be reimbursed once back in their home country.