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PATHS AND PLANTERS IN PROVENCE | CONCF-212 | 2021-07-28 - 2021-08-11 | RENO,ENVI | Age: 15 - 17


This is the third year of partnership with the commune of Collobrières. Concordia is supporting the commune in the implementation of its project to enhance the exterior of the Saint Pons church. The objective is to have scented and educational gardens that will energize the site, while serving as a place of learning for the young people of the village and surrounding area. Very committed to its youth, the commune as well as its population will welcome you with open arms!

Work: Participate in the promotion of the historical heritage of Collobrières, a Provencal village "chestnut capital" in the heart of Provence. The town has called upon an architect to propose a project to enhance the exterior of the church of St Pons to turn it into fragrant and educational gardens. The work site will therefore consist of supporting the commune and local non-profit organisations in the implementation of this project. Be part of a project creating dry-stone planters to enhance the exteriors of a church. This year, the work will focus on the demarcation and creation (clearing the brush, de-vegetation, manual levelling and borders materialization) of the paths and future planters. Depending on the progress of the work, other tasks may be suggested.

Accomodation and food: For the majority of the nights, you will be accommodated in local houses, with local youngsters participating to the project. Evenings and nights in tents will also be organized in the communal school enclosure. You will eat lunch during the week at the canteen of Collobrières with the other youngsters of the village. You will share the different collective daily life tasks and prepare meals together in the evenings and weekends. The budget will be managed with your camp leaders, you will participate in the grocery shopping and the preparation of the meals, giving priority to local seasonal products.


Location and Leisure: Collobrières is a small village of 1900 inhabitants in the heart of the Massif des Maures and clinging to a hill, close to the beaches of the French Riviera. Its ideal location will allow you to enjoy splendid walks in the massif, to visit chestnut groves or the geological museum, to swim in the communal swimming pool or on the French Riviera while enjoying the festivities of the village!



Language: eng,fra

Extra Fee: 200 EUR

Remember to bring clothes and shoes for work and hiking. Nights can be chilly, so bring a sleeping bag for cold weather and a camping mat or air mattress. To avoid mosquito bites, remember to bring mosquito repellent and long-sleeves and covering clothes for the evenings. As we are in an area where it can be very warm during the day, bring a hat or cap, sunglasses, sunscreen, a small backpack and water bottles. As the village is far from the meeting place and has no public transport, it is imperative to be on time at the meeting point! For the public events, you can bring a few traditional things from home that are easy to carry with you. Foreigners belonging to the European Union must bring with them a personal EHIC (European Health Insurance Card), and everybody must, in any case, bring their insurance certificate. If health issues happen on the project, volunteers will have to pay for it, and will then be reimbursed once back in their home country.