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CONCF-184 FRANCIA TELOCHE RENO 02/08/2021 13/08/2021

STONE WELL CONSTRUCTION | CONCF-184 | 2021-08-02 - 2021-08-13 | RENO | Age: 15 - 17


This is the first year of partnership between Concordia and Community of communes of “Orée de Bercé-Belinois”. This project is organized by the Youth Information Office and the Youth Service of the community, to allow local and international young people to participate for 10 days in a project useful to the community, in a framework of intercultural encounters.

Work: You will work on the construction of a stone well (traditional masonry) in the village of Téloché, in the south of Le Mans. This youth workcamp is the result of collaboration between the non-profit organization Concordia, the Community of communes of the “Orée de Bercé-Bélinois”, and the village of Téloché. The town hall is in charge of a project to enhance the town centre by developing collective spaces. This work site is part of this project. For this first year of partnership, a group of 8 international young people and 8 local young people will work together on this well construction. You will be accompanied by the workcamp leaders throughout the work site to help you step by step in learning these techniques!

Accomodation and food: You will stay in tents, boys and girls separated. Sanitary facilities in a local football club building. Collective life and kitchen at the municipal stadium. You will share the different collective tasks and prepare meals together. The budget will be allocated to the group leaders and you will participate in the preparation of meals with good products from the market and local producers. Bring a camping mat and a sleeping bag.

Location: TELOCHE

Location and Leisure: Téloché is located in the south of Sarthe, from 15 km of the south of Le Mans. Various activities will be organized in parallel with the construction of the well: cultural discovery, heritage visit, organization of big games and animations in the community.

Train/Bus station: NANTES or PARIS AIRPORTS


Language: eng,fra

Extra Fee: 200 EUR

You will work on small scaffoldings. Please bring gardening gloves, good shoes for work and working clothes. As nights can be quite cold, also remember to bring warm clothes. Do not forget to bring a camping mat, a sleeping bag for cold weather (and a tent if you have your own!). Don’t hesitate to bring traditional things from your home, photos, games, music instruments, etc. Foreigners belonging to the European Union must bring with them a personal EHIC (European Health Insurance Card), and everybody must, in any case, bring their insurance certificate. If health issues happen on the project, volunteers will have to pay for it, and will then be reimbursed once back in their home country.