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ESDA-4821 ESPAÑA Gargantilla del Lozoya ENVI,CONS 21/08/2021 31/08/2021

Rural s Beam V | ESDA-4821 | 2021-08-21 - 2021-08-31 | ENVI,CONS | Age: 15 - 17


This project is organizedand hosted by De Amicitia. De Amicitia is an environmental non-governmental organisation that is funded in 1998 and actively working in the youth field and volunteering for 12 years. The main activity of the organisations is organising workcamps and local/ international youth projects in collaboration with the town halls and local associations.

Work: The work has environmental and constructional tasks. The idea is to help renovate a house which will serve as a volunteering center in the future and to establish environmental-friendly and sustainable agriculture in the gardens of the center. The house is energetically self-suficient with solar pannels and used to be the De Amicitia headqutaers and needs to partially renovated to keep it in using conditions. Volunteers will carry out some basic tasks like painting, throwing out extra materials and organise spaces. But the main focus will be creating an ecological garden that will be a start of a new ecological project. This might include planting new plants, harvesting mandarins or other fruits and processing them to a jam and distributing to the local community. There may be some other similar tasks which will require creativity and hand crafts.

Accomodation and food: The volunteers will sleep in tents close to a house where there will be bathrooms, showers and a kitchen. Their living conditions will be very basic and rural. The volunteers will be cooking for themselves under the guidance of the camp leaders. Sleeping bags and matts are necessary to bring.

Location: Gargantilla del Lozoya

Location and Leisure: The house is located outside of the small town of Gargantilla del Lozoya. The house is very cut off from the rest of the world, being hidden away behind trees and not being directly connected to a road. There is a camping site in the closer area where there is a pool that probably can be used. Gargantilla de Lozoya is located in the Sierra Norte, north from Madrid. It lays in the beautiful hillside of the Sierra Norte, perfect for hiking and connecting with nature. Excursions are possible to the surrounding small towns, to Madrid, Segovia and maybe even Toledo. There are rivers close to Buitrago del Lozoya which are great for kayaking and other activities of the sorts. And in Buitrago del Lozoya, there is a historic castle that can be visited. The volunteers will have access to a car to be able to move indepentedly as a group.

Train/Bus station:

Requirements: The extra fee has be paid by card ( in the exceptional cases we can accept bank transfer as well) 3 weeks before the camp as a confirmation of participation. If we don t recieve the fee and the flight/bus tickets of the volunteer, we will consider that she/he will not attending to project and we will give opportunity to other volunteers that are on the waiting list.

Language: eng,esp

Extra Fee: 250 EUR

Please keep in mind that this project is located in an area that is very, very rural and that due to Covid-19 the group will be mainly to exclusively just with themselves and not having a lot of contact with other people from the area. Except during the excursions of which their will be many. Also, the group will be accompanied by several of De Amicitia s long-term ESC volunteers. There will also be one day of all-vegan food (upon agreeance of the volunteers) to promote an environmentally sustainable lifestyle.