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OH-W23 ALEMANIA Region:Mecklenburg-West Pomerania ENVI/RENO 19/07/2021 30/07/2021

Klein Dammerow

ENVI/RENO 19.07. - 30.07.2021 OH-W23

common sleeping room with mattresses,
warm shower and toilets
Next town: Plau am See (17 km) Lübz (17 km),
Meyenburg (16 km)
Region: Mecklenburg-West Pomerania
Next bus station:
Klein Dammerow bei Retzow
Next railway station: Parchim (20 km)
Next airports: Berlin (BER, 160 km),
Rostock (HRO, 120 km)
AGE: at least 18
Dammerow Manor is located between Berlin and the Baltic Sea and surrounded by nature reserves
with many fields, woods, ponds and rivers. The Manor is a very interesting brick building from 1892/93
with a beautiful interior. The walls are covered with clay and painted with lime casein paint. The
historical wooden floor planks are revealed and renovated. Most of the rooms are equipped with
historical furniture, what gives the house a magnificent attraction.
The manor house is surrounded by a huge former park with old trees. A stone-oven invites to experience
conventional bakery and the fireplace assures nice evenings in the nature. The sports area with a
football-ground and volleyball-net is just beside. The participants can also enjoy their leisure time
discovering the Mecklenburg Lake District. This place is ideal for having a great summer.
Project Description
The former park surrounding the manor house had been unused and abandoned for decades. Year by
year, Open Houses brings back to life another part of the huge garden area. Also, this year the gardening
and cleaning works at the historical park will be continued. The participants will mow the lawn, cut
bushes and trees and reconstruct paths. In the back part of the park that is still an inaccessible
wilderness they will sort out stones to use them later for walls or paths and level the ground. In addition,
they will replace the old, broken fence by a new one.
Beside that the volunteers will carry out small handcraft works as repair a storage house for fire wood,
paint fences and similar tasks.