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OH-W05 ALEMANIA Region:Northern Thuringia. CONS/ENVI 18/07/2021 31/07/2021

CONS/ENVI 18.07. – 31.07.2021 OH-W05

Lohra Castle is situated in the heart of Germany in Northern Thuringia. The castle, which is surrounded
by a scenic hilly landscape, is located on the edge of a nature reserve area. Being one of the largest
castles in Thuringia, the history of the castle Lohra begins in the Middle Age. The castle is more than
1,000 years old. Today, it includes twenty buildings from different times: medieval fortifications,
remnants of a tower from the 11th century, a Romanesque chapel, a manor house from the Renaissance
period as well as stables and granaries from the 19th and the early 20th centuries. The ensemble is
situated in the centre of a beautiful forest. For years Lohra Castle was vacant. In the 1990s Open Houses
started to restore the castle and to revive it by cultural activities. Since that time, a large number of
Workcamps, Building Weeks, exhibitions, concerts and other activities with international participants
took place in the castle.

Project Description
The projects of Open Houses are based on sustainable principles. Therefore, the activities at Lohra
Castle combine aspects of cultural heritage preservation and aspects of natural heritage preservation.
The participants of the Workcamps carry out works in the green areas and the forests around the
castle, restoration work and collaboration in renovation works.

W04, W05
The camping grounds are being expanded to include a new area where toilet facilities will be installed
in the future. The volunteers will assist the works on the pipelines.

shared rooms with 2 – 5 beds in 3 guest houses,
warm shower (limited hot water), 1 camp kitchen
(cold water), coal-burning stoves

Next towns: Bleicherode (6 km), Nordhausen (20
km), Erfurt (75 km) Region: Thuringia

Next bus station: Großlohra,
Next railway stations: Gebra/Hainleite (5 km),
Wolkramshausen (12 km). Next airports:
Leipzig/Halle (LEJ, 155 km), Frankfurt/Main
(FRA, 280 km), Berlin (TXL, SXF, 300 km)

AGE: at least 18