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IBOIT19TEEN ITALIA Contrada Vallone Rosso– Biancavilla – Catania - Italia CLEANING/CONS 19/07/2021 28/07/2021

C.da Vallone Rosso - Biancavilla (CT)

TEENS 2021
Project: Contrada Vallone Rosso– Biancavilla – Catania - Italia
Code/Dates: IBOIT19TEEN 19/07 – 28/07
Number of volunteers per shift: 4 IT+ 3 int. + 1 leader Age: 14-17
The project is in collaboration with the Cooperative A.R.A. Born from the experience of the Association “Casa di Maria”
in Biancavilla with which IBO Italy collaborated with workcamps for a long time.
The project is born from an idea of a group of person and professionists, engaged in the social services sector, with the
purpose of creating a reality that can answer to the actual problems.
The cooperative counts 9 members of an average age between 23-63 years old, motivated for different reason to give
service to people.
In 2017 was found a shared space to gather the experiences and to transform in true projects: then, the Cooperative
A.R.A. was born.
The acronym A.R.A. stands for agriculture, catering and hospitality, areas that inter exchanging with each other allow a
completely new view of the welcome: create a reality that can constitute a virtuous circle that starts from the reception
of minors , and succeeds in offering them concrete possibilities of job insertion, social reintegration and valid
accompaniment to autonomy, through the cultivation of raw materials and the use of them in the catering Sector.
The cooperative has in fact a private legacy consisting of a rural building and a plot of farmland of about 2 hectares,
necessary for the implementation of the agricultural strand and of a rural tourism: about one hectare of cultivated
vineyard, Palmento as future restaurant, professional and local kitchen necessary for the activation of the food strand.
In this specific project the volunteers will be involved in:
 Making a wasteland productive prepare the ground for the new crops
 Build fences and fences
 Prepare the ground for the garden
 Clean up portions of the block to make them usable.
Cleaning and arrangement of the land for the production recovery of the same, construction of fences, cleaning and
reorganization of the green air around the house.
At the premises in Contrada Vallone Rosso, for what concerns lunches and dinners will be distributed among the
premises of Coop ARA and those of the association Casa di Maria distant from the place of activities about 7/8
Minutes. There are beds with matresses.
Transport will be insured by the Project.
EXTRA FEE: 120,00€
MEETING POINT: at 18.00hrs on 19/07. Please, organize your travel to respect the meeting point. Cause the distance,
for transportations in different times, they will require a contribution of Euro 15,00 one way per volunteer.