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VIVE21.14 COLOMBIA Monteria SOCI 06/10/2021 19/10/2021

COLOMBIA – Monteria | VIVE21.14 | 2021-10-06 - 2021-10-19 | SOCI | Age: 18 - 99


This project has the objective to promote the integration of people to the Marie Poussepin Social Center, especially those who belong to the university community for the improvement and development of community service actions, in the lines of education, child protection, sports, culture, comprehensive care, and other similar. Volunteer will help with different activities that will englobe the previous objectives. This project is organized by the Pontifical Bolivarian University-UPB.

Work: The activities that will have place during the project are: - Program “Seresitos”: Accompaniment and comprehensive care for infants. Volunteers will contribute to the well-being of boys and girls in the neighborhoods surrounding the University, who are in a vulnerable situation, and are exposed to different types of social problems. - Program Donate your time: volunteer will help to promote the integration of people to the Social Center “Marie Poussepin”, especially those who belong to the university Pontifical Bolivarian community for the development of community service actions. - Program “Mi Llave”: Social integration for the generation of productive opportunities. help with training programs in computer knowledge and use of basic system tools such as: Word, Excel, Access, Power Point, and Internet. For people in the process of reintegration and in a situation of displacement - Program “Forming Society”, comprehensive training: Objective to train people in different knowledge, especially parents who are heads of families with limited resources. This is made possible through courses that respond to requests / demands of the Centers users. In most cases, what they learn enables them to generate income.

Accomodation and food: The accommodation will be at a private house, that will have all the facilities at their disposal namely, private bathroom, hot water, and internet. As well the food will be provided.

Location: Monteria

Location and Leisure: “Cordoba” is a state located in the northern part of Colombia, with a coastline in the Caribbean Sea. And the capital is “Monteria” were the workcamp will take place, it is located on the immense plain of the Caribbean, and it has various mountainous areas derived from the Western Cordillera. Monteria is an epicenter for tourism in Colombia, and is a place full of culture, beach, river, adventure, and even ecological stays around the city. Some popular places to visit are “Ronda del Sinu”, “Pasaje del Sol”. To know more about the city of Monteria look at the next link: https://www.monteria.gov.co/publicaciones/87/oficina-de-cultura-y-turismo/

Train/Bus station: BUS STATION: “Terminal de Transporte de Montería S.A.”.


Language: eng

Extra Fee: 0

IMPORTANT: Due to the situation that still exists on COVID-19 we would like to remind you of the security measures that will be taken during the workcamp. - Each volunteer will have their face mask (that each one will bring to the camp) which will be used in the areas indicated by the health protocols, that is for example at a public space. - The healthy distance will be practiced respecting in public places and only excepting people from the work team. -And volunteer will pay attention and respect the additional instructions that the coordinator of the workcamp have implement regarding preventive protocols against COVID-19. Please remember that these measures are as much to protect others as they are to protect us. We invite volunteers to review in the same way the travel requirements to go to Colombia on the following website: https://colombia.travel/en/covid-19-information