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CH-SCI 10.23 SUIZA Tschierv Construction / Cultural heritage / Peace 12/09/2021 19/09/2021

Building Walls - Breaking Walls Grischun (Tschierv GR)

CH-SCI 10.23



Start Date:

12 Sep 2021

End Date:

19 Sep 2021


10: Environment protection

Work Types:

Construction / Cultural heritage / Peace

Number of volunteers:


International age:

18 - 25

National age:

18 - 25

Required Language:



Description: This is an intercultural mountain and nature experience for young adults from Switzerland, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Israel and Palestine. For 8 days we will learn from professional staff how to build traditional stonewalls in the mountains. You will experience the authentic and basic mountain life in the Romansh part of Switzerland and contribute with your work to the local community and environment. In the same time, we will talk about borders and walls between the cultures and how to overcome them.

Type of Work: Around 5 days of the activity will be reserved for learning to work with stones and building the wall by hand.

Study Theme: Together with our friends from Ireland, Northern Ireland, Israel and Palestine we will exchange, discuss and present the intercultural challenges and both visible and invisible borders between the cultures in different countries.

Accommodation: Our venue in Tschierv has 4 rooms with 6 beds in each one. There are toilets and showers for men and women as well as a kitchen and a dining room. The house is in around 15 minutes from the next bus station. The house has electricity but no WI-FI. There is a kitchen team, but they will be supported every day by 4 participants (1 per country). Each day a new team will be responsible for cooking and cleaning.

Language: Local languages are Romansch and Swiss German.

Requirements: Average fitness-level

Notes: On one of the days we will visit the famous UNSESCO town Müstair as well as the Umrail passage mountain.

Organization Description: SCI Switzerland is a non-profit organisation which promotes intercultural exchange, sustainable development and non-violent conflict resolution. It has been organizing workcamps and long-term exchanges for volunteers worldwide since 1920. Each year more than 100 volunteers from Switzerland engage in SCI projects abroad, while around 200 international volunteers participate in projects in Switzerland. SCI Switzerland is certified by the Intermundo quality label, which guarantees high quality standards in youth exchange. Swiss workcamps are mainly focused on the work with youth as well as in the area of environmental protection. That is why among SCI Switzerland`s values is also an environmentally friendly lifestyle in accordance with the ideas of sustainable development. Volunteers are encouraged to be eco-friendly, especially when travelling to Switzerland and during the projects. Before applying be aware of high travel costs within Switzerland and check prices on the railway website www.sbb.ch. A participation in the camp from the first until the last day is needed for reason of instruction and group dynamic.