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SJ09 FRANCIA The farm of the Faï, at 3km of the village of Saix is 15 km from the first town, Veynes. Once or twice a week, we will organize a trip to the nearest RENO 13/06/2021 03/07/2021

VAGABONDAGES À L’ABBAYE DE CLAUSONNE 1 | SJ09 | 2021-06-13 - 2021-07-03 | RENO | Age: 18 - 100

Participate in the valorisation of a historic site at the heart of idyllic mountain landscapes ! Join us and come discover l’Abbaye de Clausonne and its natural environment at 1140 meters of altitude! It is in the XII century that the Abbaye sees the day. After multiple periods of deconstruction and of reconstruction over the centuries, in the 20th century, it became an agricultural building, which was abandoned in the 1950s. It is in 1994 that the association of friends of Abbaye of Clausonne was created to conserve the vestiges of this exceptional architecture, on an exceptional site. Since then, the association wanted to make this place a place of discovery, learning and knowledge.

Work: Do you want to learn ancient techniques of masonry, the use of ancient material and ecology? This year, we will work to continue the masonry in stone, on the ancient sheep herding, in order to make it, in a few years, a room for cooking, storing tools, etc. We will continue as well to work on putting value in the site and hiking trails. And if the time allows, we will participate in the construction of stone stairs in the sheepfold with the help of masons that wil there to transmit their knowledge! The work represents 30h in a week. The nights and weekends are free for activities that you will choose to organise together.

Accomodation and food: Our principal place of living is a the Ferme du Faï, its an international welcoming center. You will sleep in rooms of 3 to 6 beds and will have access to bathrooms, toilets, and the kitchen. There is no WIFI. But you will meet people coming from the whole world! This center is found 30 minutes walking distance from the Abbaye. You will cook in a rotation of roles, so that you can taste several specialties! Here, we pay attention to what we eat, to reduce our impact on the planet we try to eat a maximum of local products and we eat meat two times a week.

Location: The farm of the Faï, at 3km of the village of Saix is 15 km from the first town, Veynes. Once or twice a week, we will organize a trip to the nearest town to go shopping.

Location and Leisure: You will be in an exceptional setting to discover the pleasures of mountain hiking, its rivers, its lakes, the farmers and producers markets, the festive nights organised in surrounding villages. In group, you will decide activities and discovery outings that you wish to set up. The reception center usually organizes one musical evening per week with homemade wood-fired pizzas.

Train/Bus station: Veynes Dévoluy


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